March Map Madness

You may have noticed that we are just mad about maps here at Maps of Antiquity, and March is a great time for maps because we usually add lots of new inventory to our website in the quieter winter months!  Our new items range in subject and price, from a 1745 map of England and Wales to a c. 1960s pictorial map of Texas, and from a $35 map of Mars to a $1150 chart of San Francisco Harbor.  The map above is a 1932 pictorial map of Quebec. If you want to browse all of our newest acquisitions, just click HERE or click the Newly Listed box at the top of the left side bar (on mobile devices, click the three bars and then choose Browse Maps, then Newly Listed).

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The Constellations- January, February, March - 1856

You needn't brave January temperatures in the great outdoors just for a glimpse of the stars! We currently offer a variety of stunning celestial maps by Mallet, SDUK Pluche, Brion de la TourButler, Nitzchke, Fayard, and Burritt. The latter produced the map featured above in 1835. It has a light coloring painted over lively engravings of the winter constellations. These "maps of the heavens" have quickly become customer favorites. Happy stargazing, map fans!     

Warm up with Maps

Ok, they will not actually warm you, but you could turn up your heat and pretend to be in the tropics!

Of course, not everyone loves winter!  For all of the folks who are just surviving the cold and hoping for an early Spring, we have lots of maps and prints to remind you of warmer days!

The Drive - 1897

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New Year's Reflections
A new year is upon us, so let us reflect on the past... through maps!  Here are some maps that were printed in '19 in past centuries:

Connecticut 1819

Map of Connecticut from the Gazetteer of Rhode Island and Connecticut published by W.S. Marsh in 1819.

The Spanish Netherlands Commonly called Flanders - 1719

Map of the Flanders area of Belgium, by Senex, 1719.

Sizes of the Sun and Planets with Medieval City View - 1719

Antique astronomical engraving showing at the top, a massive and brilliant sun with small planets likely to show a comparison of sizes between them all, by Mallet, 1719.

Carte Generale Des Treize Cantons Suisse et des Differents Etats De Leur Independence - 1719

Map of Switzerland from Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique, 1719.


Note the straightness of rivers and mountain ranges on our 16th century maps by Munster.
We're often asked about our oldest and favorite maps, and our answers always include this treasured collection by Sebastian Munster. The "Strabonis" maps among these were based (with few-- if any-- changes) upon maps originally made by Strabo and Ptolemy around the time of Christ, and they include these wonderfully inaccurate maps of France, Italy, GermanyAfrica, and the Middle East. If you look closely at the latter, you'll see an engraving of a curious mermaid, perhaps an early interpretation of the dugongs-- relatives of manatees-- that are found in the Red Sea.

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