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Whether micro or macro, we have the perfect gift for everyone on this year's 'Nice' list. Our antique maps range from detailed street views that include the names of individual property owners to maps of the whole wide world. Ward maps give the greatest details of part of a city; town and city maps often have streets and public areas labeled; county maps show every town in that county with detail of topography, state maps are often colored by county and their shapes are usually quite recognizable, regional maps often show the changes to the political boundaries over time, national maps can represent your heritage or your travels, continent maps are apt for travelers, and world maps give a view of everywhere you could ever want to go!  Remember, you can click on any of the blue text in this section for a link directly to the related content!

City of Cambridge, MA, Part of Ward 8, Harvard University - 1903 
Ward maps show city neighborhood's in the most exacting possible detail. We have ward maps for Boston and several parts of the surrounding metropolitan area, as well as other ward maps, some of which are not yet online (including an atlas of Philadelphia). If you don't see your city on our website, feel free to contact us to inquire about availability.  The map you see above is part of the city of Cambridge and shows Harvard University.

Plan of the City of Washington, The Capitol of the United States of America
Town and city maps are quite popular, and we have city maps for locations all over the world.  Our collection of Massachusetts town maps and New England town maps is like no other, but we also have many major US and international cities.  

Topographical Map of Atlantic County, New Jersey - 1872
County maps like this one of Atlantic County, New Jersey, show a wider area. They make particularly good gifts for people who have lived in several towns within one county, or for couples whose hometowns are in the same county, or anyone with ties to a particular area!  Our county maps are mostly for the Northeastern US and they are arranged by state. If you are looking for a certain county, use our search bar at the top of the website. Your search will work best if you type in something like "Westchester County New York" (state abbreviations don't work well in our search function).

County Map of the State of Texas - 1873
From Maine to Texas, from Florida to California, and even Alaska and Hawaii, we have maps of just about every state.  Some states are often on the same map with other states (the Dakotas and Carolinas come to mind) so it's a bit harder to find a map of certain states on their own.  Take a look at our US States category and browse through the areas that interest you!

Map of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. Showing also the Southern portion of Dakotah. - 1861
Regional maps sometimes don't get the recognition that they deserve. For example, this map of Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado shows the states during a time when their organization was still being formed and the counties were very different from what they are today.  Many folks appreciate regional maps because they depict multiple states that have personal significance, like maps of New England are wonderful for travelers who love all of the states in that area. We also have regional categories for maps of the Mid-Atlanticmaps of the Southmaps of the Midwest, and maps of the West.

Vereinigte Staaten von Nord America - 1826  Irlande - 1846  The Empire of Japan with Part of the Continent of Asia showing the River Amoor and the New Boundary between the Russian & Chinese Territories. - 1858
Country maps are some of our most popular offerings.  These make wonderful gifts for travelers, historians, and genealogists alike. Our selection obivously depend on what countries existed and what maps were made, but we think we have a pretty good variety, if we do say so ourselves! The above maps show just a tiny portion of what we have, which spans from US maps, to Ireland maps, to maps of Japan and China (and everywhere in between.  Use the left side category bar on our website to go directly to the part of the world that interests you most!

Europe General A New and Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the most approved Modern Map & Charts, by Thomas Bowen, 1779.

Sometimes travelers don't limit themselves to one country and thus a map of the whole continent might bring the most joy to your gift recipient.  Whether your interest is in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America, or South America, we have maps for you!  We also have a few categories that aren't continents but show a wider geographic area.  These include Polar maps, maps of the Middle East, and maps of the Caribbean.

L'Ancien Monde et le Nouveau, en deux hemispheres. - 1780

Finally, in our map tour from ward maps to world maps, we have reached the end. Antique maps of the world are some of our most popular and most loved offerings. They are particularly fun when they feature geographical inaccuracies, like this map from 1780, which has Greenland attached to North America, and Alaska is looking a bit squished.  You can peruse all of our world maps here: Antique world maps, or simply navigate to the category on the left side bar that says "Antique Maps - World." 

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Our many pictorial maps will delight you and your gift recipient!

For centuries PICTORIAL MAPS have offered their unique cartological perspectives to those with an eye for utilitarian artwork. Many pictorials take a bird's-eye-view perspective, such as these marvelous maps of New York City, BostonThe Charles River, Narraganset Bay, Washington D.C., PhiladelphiaThe White Mountains, Provincetown, Massachusetts, and even  Jamaica! We have many more pictorial maps in stock, most of which were geared toward turn of the 20th century tourists.  Our older bird-eye-views include 16th century maps of Nordlingen, Bavaria in Germany and Solothurn, Switzerland, as well as a gorgous early 18th century map of Vienna, Austria

A Selection of our Wonderful Comparative Maps
Equally decorative COMPARATIVE MAPS most often focus on such superalatives as the world's longest rivers, and highest mountains (or both),  although some feature comparisons of flora, fauna, lakes and islands, and more!  Comparative maps and Pictorial maps make wonderful gifts.  They are unusual and impressive and they capture the imagination and ignite interest in almost everyone who sees them!  Click on any of the blue words to see more!

Celebrate the Season with Celestials

A Small Selection of our Splendid Celestial Maps

This is the perfect time of year for star-gazing (is there an imperfect time of year?) and if you are looking for a gift for your favorite amateur astronomer, look no further!  Antique CELESTIAL MAPS were made in a variety of colors and styles, so whether you prefer science or astrology, sun or moonthe solar system or the stars, you are sure to find something!  A print of the great telescope should please a star enthusiast. A celestial map with someone's zodiac sign makes a thoughtful gift; or perhaps there is a time of year that holds a special event- we have maps of the stars for every season!  Click the image above to see all of our celestial maps and prints.

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For the Serious Collector Who Has Everything

Europ, and the cheife Cities contayned therin, described; with the habits of most Kingdoms now in use.

This rare map called, "Europ, and the cheife Cities contayned therin, described; with the habits of most Kingdoms now in use."  was published by John Speed in 1626. This highly collectible map of Europe is colored by country with cities labeled and colored red. It features a decorative border with the major cities of Europe depicted along the top and the clothing styles of various peoples, for men or women, along the sides. The cities at the top are London, Paris, Rome, Constantinople, Venice, Prague, Amsterdam, and Lisbone. Ships and monsters traverse the ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Map of the Island of Nantucket - 1787
By De Crevecoeur, engraved by Tardieu, from an English version of the book called Letters from an American Farmer published in 1787. This charming map of Nantucket features a triangular Tuckernuck Island, an enlarged Great Point area, tiny rows of trees delineating different areas, and a "Sand Ripp call'd Pochick." The numbers on this map correspond to information in the book. The (no longer complete) book can be purchased with the map for an additional $300. We also have the Martha's Vineyard map from the same book.

Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispaniae Floridae, Novae Angliae, Carolinae, Virginiae, et Pensylvaniae nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Accurata Tabula - 1715

Wonderful early map of the Americas produced during the Spanish War of Succession, which directly impacted the ownership of the Louisiana Territory. There are numerous elements of interest throughout this map. In Nova Mexico, the apocryphal kingdoms of gold, Quivara and Teguayo are included. In the British Colonies, New York (Manhata) and other early settlements on Long Island, including Bedford and Southampton are labeled. The Carolinas feature old borders and include the 'Deserta Arenosa' (Deserta Akenatzy). Also depicted is the imagined 'Great Lake of the Southeast', labeled Matiqui, west of the Appalachians. Another speculative lake is shown further west, supposed to be the source of the Apalachicola River.


If someone on your list is unable to come home this holiday season, why not send 'home' to them instead? We carry countless towncity, and ward maps the whole world over, as well as states and nations. If you don't see your hometown on our website, feel free to contact us directly. We are constantly adding new materials to our collection, and we're always happy to search our files for your special areas of interest. There is, after all, no place like home..!

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