"Nova Anglia," or New England, 1720
This engraved & hand-colored early antique map of New England was produced by the German cartographer Johann Homann, circa 1720. Showing the spread of the English colonies throughout New England, New York, & New Jersey, it includes 'creative' interpretations of Long Island, Cape Cod & the Islands, & Lake Champlain, among other areas. This map shows forts, native tribes, topography, & some bathymetry, particularly relating to known shoals along the coast. The elaborate cartouche shows an Englishman with a fox pelt that he has presumably just received from a Native American in trade for the continental riches arrayed at his feet. We do offer a high-quality reproduction of this piece, but if you want this rare original, don't delay-- it's not likely to remain in our shop through the holidays!

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Canada, or New France

Le Canada ou Nouvelle France, by Sanson
This marvelously engraved & hand-colored antique French map shows what now constitutes Quebec, the Canadian Maritimes, New England, New York, & the eastern seaboard of colonial America all the way south through Virginia. It boasts fascinatingly distorted coastal details & relative sizes of the St. Lawrence River, Great Lakes, Chesapeake, Appalachians, & even Florida. Made by so-called Father of French cartography, Nicolas Sanson, in 1662, this very early map of the region details major towns, locations of native tribes, forts, trails, as well as important topographical features. This piece has been framed & fully restored; it's ready to be the focal point of your favorite room!

Dorset Shire England, 1695

Dorset, England, by Robert Morden
This hand-colored engraved early antique map of Dorset, England was made by Robert Morden in 1695. First published in a new edition of Camden's "Britannia," in a larger format than the "mini-Mordens" often associated with the mapmaker's name, it shows cities & towns, churches & cathedrals, parks, rivers, bays & topography relevant to the day's commerce and travel. 

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Somerset Shire England - 1695

Somerset, England, by Robert Morden
Like the previous map listed, this marvelously hand-colored engraved early antique map of Somerset, England was made by Robert Morden in 1695. Along with its vivid color (or is it colour?), this map's most striking feature is a fanciful cartouche wherein unidentified sea creatures emit plumes of decorative spray. We currently have an uncolored version of this map in stock as well. 

Cornwall, England

Robert Morden, 1695
Like the two previously listed maps, this hand-colored engraved antique map of Cornwall, England was made by Robert Morden in 1695. Morden was one of the very first commercially successful mapmakers, & these pieces are excellent examples of his celebrated 17th century work. From this series, we also have Morden maps of HuntingtonshireLancaster, and The North Riding of York Shire.    

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