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Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the World, Heights of the Principal Mountains in the World
Antique maps are full of interesting details, some of which were later discovered to be completely untrue!  The map above, for example, lists the Mountains of the Moon as the source of the Nile. Many early maps of Africa include a mountain range that no one had confirmed to exist, such as the map below.

Other popular examples of speculative cartography can be found in this map of North America:
North America
Fun features include suggestive rivers meant to indicate the possibility of a passage through the continent to Hudson Bay or the Great Lakes, the legendary city of Quivira, a huge body of water called Lac Michinipi in modern Canada, and an enlarged and imagined Pacific Northwest.

Hudson Bay
While the English searched for the Northwest Passage, the French produced this cheeky map that includes a note in the upper left corner: "The English search in this area for a throughway; it is however not there."

Carolina Reproduction

This reproduction of a Speed map of the Carolinas is based partially on the descriptions of an exploration by John Lederer, although many believe he may have made up parts of his exploration, and several elements on the map seem to have been invented (the Deserta Arenosa, the Savana, and Lake Ashley).

We hope you have enjoyed these cartographic tricks and treats, and we wish you a fantastic October!

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October Hauntings

Spooky Maps for Ghosts and Ghouls
If you are a fan of the paranormal, we hope you have seen our fabulous Ghost Map of Cape Cod!  The information throughout this map was collected by a local, so you can be sure these are all stories, tall tales, and yarns told on the Cape.  We offer this map in three forms: as a black and white map on parchment style paper, as a hand colored map (coloring done by a Cape Cod artist), and as a hand colored and framed piece. Click here to see all three options.

Treasure Map

If pirates, shipwrecks, and buried treasure are more your style, we also have this fantastic Treasure Map of Cape Cod.  Done by the same artist and offered in the same options as the ghost map, this map would look great hung as a set with the Ghost Map!  Click here to see all of the Treasure Map options.

Awesome October Finds

We are very excited to have this fabulous map of Bermuda by Willem Blaeu, c. 1635!  But that is not our only very old map.  We have an entire selection of early maps on our website that you can browse.

This early map of Italy was published by Seal for Tindal's "Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History," 1744.

Nantucket Harbor
Restrike charts are quite interesting!  They were printed using the original antique engraving plates, so they are the most authentic "reproduction" that you will be able to find.  This restrike chart of Nantucket Harbor is in great condition and comes with a commemorative booklet about the printing process.  Restrikes give you great authentic reproductions at a lower price than an antique.

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New Reproductions for Autumn

Bostonians' Idea of the United States
We have many fabulous new reproduction offerings that we are excited to showcase!  If your interest is nautical, you will appreciate these George W. Eldridge harbor charts.  We have a few maps of parts of Southampton and East Hampton, NY as well as a great chart of the Chesapeake and Counties Mayo and Cavan in Ireland.  And for everyone who has been asking for maps of the Virgin Islands, we have a new reproductionof that area!  You can see all of our great reproductions by clicking on the appropriate buttons on the left side bar on your computer.  Reproduction buttons are towards the bottom of the list and colored blue!


World - Nova Orbis Tabula, in Lucem Edita - Reproduction - 1673
If 16th and 17th century maps fit your aesthetic, but not so much your budget, our new reproductions are for you. The 1673 DeWitt world map, pictured above, shows the globe quartered into Western and Eastern Hemispheres with polar maps showing the (charmingly incomplete) Northern and Southern Hemispheres, with curious heavenly scenes adorning the four corners. Two additional world maps, World - Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica ac Hydrographica Tabula and Orbis Terrarum Typus de Integro Multis in Locis Emendatus, were both produced by Visscher circa 1684 and include illustrated topographical detail, map monsters, ships sailing the seas (not to scale), and border illustrations representing the cultural dress and armors of various nations and cultures. Our new 1593 map of Africa by de Jode, Africae Vera Forma, et Situs, also boasts seas full of ships and serpents. Finally, our 1631 map of Great Britain, or Britannia, by Janssonius (sometimes called the Heptarchy Map) includes a decorated cartouche, compass roses, coats of arms, as well as portraits of the rulers of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. Hang one of these gorgeous historical works on your wall without breaking the bank! 

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