Newport, Rhode Island- August, 1873

Although we've yet to construct a workable time machine (why do you think Bob spends so much time in the basement?), we can still offer clients a glimpse of bygone Augusts with such ephemeral treasures as: A Plan of Cherbourg Forts & Batteries, taken by the English in August of 1759; a cheering crowd, August 1873, at the finish at the Harvard-Yale Regatta; some dapper Columbia College chaps, August 1878; a chart of Wellfleet harbor, Surveyed in Accordance with Act of Congress, August 1886; Polo at the Rockaway Hunting Club, August 1895; some rather bored-looking spectators at a New York Yacht Club regatta, August 1895; cyclists on the cover of Harper's Weekly, August 1896; an Official Program of the Old Home Week Celebration, Orleans, MA, August 1921; & two fascinating World War II newsmaps from Augusts 1944 & 1945.  

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Happy 55th Anniversary, Hawaii!

On August 21, 1959, Hawaii became the newest state in the nation!
In addition to being one of only two states not in the contiguous U.S. (Alaska being the lonely ol' second), Hawaii is also one of only two states that do not observe daylight savings time (the other being the notorious outlier of Arizona). This singular state was once "The Sandwich Islands" or simply part of Polynesia. Crack open a can of ham & celebrate Hawaii's statehood with one of our amazing antique maps of the area, or of indivudial islands such as Lanai, Molokai, or Kauai... all of which precede Hawaiian statehood by decades, if not centuries!

Bastille Day En France
The French celebrate on July 14, Bastille Day, their independence from the Monarchy and the beginning of the French Revolution.  The more recent maps of France such as this fine example of an 1826 piece by Finley outline each department.

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A Map of Old Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1929
Dating back at least to Medieval Europe, pictorial maps have long offered their unique cartological perspectives to people with an eye for utilitarian artwork. We have some exciting original antique bird's-eye-view maps of New York City, Kingfield, Maine,  Jamaica, The White Mountains, Provincetown, Mass., Lake GeorgeBoston Harbor, Casco Bay, and many more! Many of these maps, which were geared toward turn of the 20th century tourists, include fascinating local facts, like these maps of New England, Lake Winnipesaukee, Boston,       

Or traveling to the ocean....
you are sure to want a memorable piece of where you have been.

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