New York Yacht Club Cruise--Waiting for the Yachts at the Turning-Mark - August 1895
Though we've yet to construct a proper time machine, we can offer clients a glimpse of bygone Augusts with such ephemeral treasures as: A Plan of Cherbourg Forts & Batteries, taken by the English in August of 1759; a cheering crowd at the finish at the Harvard-Yale Regatta in August of 1873; a fine hand-colored reproduction Bird's Eye View of Newport, Rhode Island from the Supplement to Harper's Weekly, August 30, 1873; at the finish at the Harvard-Yale Regatta; some dapper Columbia College chaps, August 1878; Polo at the Rockaway Hunting Club, August 1895; the above spectators at a New York Yacht Club regatta, also in August of 1895; and finally some "well-bunched" cyclists on the cover of Harper's Weekly, August 1896.

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Die Sonne und verschiedene Erscheinungen derselben or The Sun and Various Phenomena of the Same
The much-anticipated solar eclipse on August 21 is so exciting that it even has its own postage stamp (the first ever thermochromic stamp!).  We would be remiss if we did not also celebrate this exciting occasion.  We have multiple eclipse-related antique prints, as well as other lovely celestial prints and diagrams.  This print explains how eclipses happen, while this print shows what they look like. But perhaps you are interested in more than only eclipses.  Maybe a hold-to-light of the moon will satisfy your love of lunar craters.  Or perhaps a diagram of the solar system, which light can shine through to make the planets glow, will bring you endless joy.  The mathematically-minded will appreciate a diagram of the solar system, and the romantic soul will fall in love with this view of the seasons with the zodiac.  Whatever peaks your celestial interest, make sure that if you are able to watch the eclipse on August 21, wear protective eyewear!  Safety first!


The Constellations, July, August, September. - 1856
Explore August's namesake with a Genealogical, Historical and Chronological Map of the Roman Empire, from Augustus, B.C. 31, to Constantine the Great, A.D. 306. No. 20., circa 1842! Admire St. Augustine on this rare 1882 nautical chart by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey! Marvel at the landmarks on our 1885 map of Augusta, Maine; the State House, the Arsenal, an Old Ladies Home, the Kennebec Journal, & even the Maine Insane Hospital! Lastly, let us not forget Connecticut's native georgrapher, Samuel Augustus Mitchell. Whether you're in the market for a state, regional, national, continental, or world map, Augustus Mitchell has you covered!

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A Map of Old Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1929
Dating back at least to Medieval Europe, pictorial maps have long offered their unique cartological perspectives to folks with an eye for utilitarian artwork. We have some exciting original antique bird's-eye-view maps of New York City, Kingfield, Maine,  Jamaica, The White Mountains, Boston from Bunker Hill, Casco Bay, charming animated maps of the Canadian provinces, & many more! Most of these maps, which were geared toward Victorian tourists, include fascinating local facts, like those included on the above map Boston. 

Our newest assortment of map and chart coffee tables and side tables are custom designed to capture your favorite places. Having paired with local printers and artisans, we now brag that we can put any map in the public domain on just about any flat surface-- from fabric to tiles! 

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