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Warm up to this fabulous hand-colored 1887 map by J.H. Colton, featuring the Hawaiian chain of islands, Samoa, New Zealand, "Feejee", Society Islands, Marquesas, and the Galapagos. Each geographic area includes its date of "discovery", and the names of its first explorers.

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Like the above map of Europe after the Congress of Vienna, the following maps were all published in 1816:
Featured above is a 200 year old, hand colored map of Europe after the Congress of Vienna by Thomson. Also turning 200 this year, we have two more maps by Thomson; this lovely map of the Venetian States, and a smaller, matted map of Grenada. Published by Carey and Warner, we have a hand colored 1816 map of the The Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands, and black and white maps of South America,  the Northern Part of Russia, or Muscovy in Europe, and the Southern Part of Russia or Muscovy in Europe.  


Bavaria, Circulus et Electorat in Suasquasque Ditiones tam cum Adiacentibus, Quam Insertis Regionibus
The above map is an extaordinarily detailed, hand colored, engraved antique map of Bavaria and vicinity, by Johann Baptiste Homann. It includes Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Augsburg and Nuremberg. Also turning three hundred this year, we have three small format maps by Morden: Moscovie or Russie, a "New" Map of Germany, and Italy. These so-called "Mini-Mordens" come from a book called "Geography Anatomiz'd: or the Geographical Grammar", published by Patrick Gordon. Measuring approximately 5 x 5.5 inches, they make wonderful framed additions to homes with little wall space.

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L'Afrique, ou Lybie - 1655
We have many fascinating 17th century maps, including the French map of Western Africa, featured above, by Nicholas Sanson. By Mercator, we have maps of "Barbaria", the Greek Peloponnesian Peninsula, and Bohemia, part of today's Czech Republic, with intricate detail of forests, rivers, mountains and towns, including Prag (Prague) and Moravia. We also have The North Riding of York Shire, Somerset Shire, and many other 17th century maps by Robert Morden. We also have a few pages of sheet music believed to be from Gradualia I by William Byrd. The extreme rarity of surviving copies of the 1605 edition is perhaps explained by events in November of that year, after which the possession of this music could have been construed as a treasonable offence. 


Note the straightness of rivers and mountain ranges on our 16th century maps by Munster.
We're often asked about our oldest and favorite maps, and our answers always include this treasured collection by Sebastian Munster. The "Strabonis" maps among these were based (with few-- if any-- changes) upon maps originally made by Strabo and Ptolemy around the time of Christ, and they include these wonderfully inaccurate maps of France, Italy, Africa, and the Middle East. If you look closely at the latter, you'll see an engraving of a curious mermaid, perhaps an early interpretation of the dougons-- relatives of manatees-- that are found in the Red Sea.

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