New Great Maps – Super Deals Section

Maps in this new "Great Maps – Super Deals" section include a selection of some of our valuable or unusual maps and prints that we want to offer at a special price for limited time, about one month.  We hope that you will visit this section regularly and that it will inspire you to buy a map that you may not normally buy.  This group of maps will change each month.  

We are often asked how we price our maps.  We use a number of resources which include data bases of map sales to which we subscribe, catalogs, internet research, and our own experience.  Factors which go into pricing include: the age and condition of the map, the maker, style, rarity, historical value, and market demand.  The goal of our "Great Maps – Super Deals" section is to price a few maps and prints at an even greater value, for a short time.  

Our special offers currently feature pictorial maps of the 1930's by Ernest Dudley Chase from Winchester, MA.  These collectable, well-illustrated maps include key cities in Europe with sketches of local castles, churches and famous public buildings.  Other "Great Maps – Super Deals", in the near future, will include some of our larger wall maps and huge nautical charts.