Bird’s Eye View Maps – Still Popular

Bird’s Eye Views surged in popularity in the 1800’s when people became interested in flying.  The balloon era started around 1780, followed by gliders and early airplanes in the 1880’s.  People were beginning to see things from the air and were fascinated by that perspective.  The maps now showed civic pride through featured town sites, architectural details of buildings and closer views of the communities and were drawn by itinerant artists.

The best description and discussion piece on Bird’s Eye View or Pictorial maps that we have found is on Wikipedia.  This link provides a detailed history and examples of this ever popular type of map.   Bird’s Eye View Maps & Pictorial Maps

At Maps of Antiquity, we provide a separate category to locate a number of these antique maps on our site.  We also have reproduced several of the most popular local Bird’s Eye View Maps as high quality giclees.  While not all of these maps are online yet, we can provide additional items through special requests and custom orders.