Andrews’ 18 Inch Globe, by C.F. Weber & Co. successor to A.H. Andrews

Beautifully finished, recently restored 18 inch globe, with 12 gores, by Weber for Andrews, circa 1890. Set in ornate three legged cast iron stand, with stamped, solid brass full meridian ring, and polished hardwood horizon ring, which shows the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac. Globe is beautifully colored and shows 1890 geography in exquisite detail; shows ecliptic, equinoctial colure, trade winds and other features. Includes figure-eight analemma, "Analemma or Table of Equation of Time, Showing the Sun's Declination and the Difference of Time Between the Clock and Sun for Every Day of the Year". Excellent condition, stands approximately 35 inches in height. See WOR046.