The perfect and unexpected gift!

My husband has an uncanny knack for guessing what his Christmas gifts are, so this year I was determined to find something he would never think of but still love. I stumbled across Maps of Antiquity online and found the perfect gift when I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I don’t know anything about maps so I was very excited when I found one of sailing routes and lighthouse locations around New Brunswick in 1906. Since my husband is from that area, loves sailing and lighthouses, this was a no brainer! There was no picture, but I sent an email to ask for one and that night the website was updated with one and an email was sent to me to let me know. I looked on other websites to compare product and prices and no one else had anything close to what I found here, and no one else had reasonable prices either. I got the map less than a week after I ordered it and it was very securely packaged and labeled fragile, so there was no chance of it being damaged during shipping. The sales people here were courteous and prompt and I would definitely do business with them again. The map is even more perfect than the pictures portrayed, and I’m so excited that I’m not sure I can wait for Christmas!