I’ve gotten maps here for birthday and wedding presents and they went over so well. Bob, Danielle, and Kathryn are incredible helpful–I got the birthday present in person and the wedding present online and both processes were incredibly easy. They helped me find exactly what I was looking for and brought out additional maps that I might be interested in. They have a very, very large selection of maps, so you can find practically anything you want. They also framed the wedding gift and shipped it for me and did a great job with that–my package was on a train that derailed and the package had a gash in it when it arrived to my friend, but the map itself was safe and sound because it was packaged so well, attributable to Bob and Danielle’s care, as well as the expert shipper they went to. Definitely check it out, as these maps make great gifts and decorations and are just plain cool to look at and learn and talk about!