Our experience at Maps of Antiquity was the highlight of our trip to Chatham!

My now roommate and I spent a wonderful afternoon at Maps of Antiquity. We came upon it almost like magic; we were driving along discussing how, if we could afford it, we would love to find some antique-type maps to hang in our future apartment, and not thirty seconds later we drove by the shop’s sign. It was the strangest thing! We made plans to go the next day and were greeted very warmly by Bob and Danielle the following afternoon. We shared with them our particular interest in maps of Spain and Ireland (due to our studies abroad) and also noted that we were on a somewhat limited budget and hoped we would be able to find something great that we could still actually afford. They were very respectful of the confines of our budgets in showing us many beautiful options while even pulling out the awe-inspiring wall maps and charts for us to explore just for fun. It was a thrill to be shown such beautiful bits of history by people just as excited about them as we were.

I had also set out to purchase a housewarming gift for my sister and brother-in-law and found an absolutely lovely 1699 map of Greece (my family is of Greek descent). The matting, which Bob had done himself, was stunningly intricate and perfectly suited for such a gift. Bob and Danielle, once again, keeping in mind my budget, were then kind enough to frame it for a very, very reasonable price. They also handled the shipping of the piece out of state, and my family members in Indiana were amazed by how securely it was packaged and even more astonished by the beauty of piece itself.

We even had our equally gorgeous maps of Spain and Ireland framed by Danielle and Bob and had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn when picking up the finished pieces a few weeks later. They are all lovely, personable, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about their work and what they offer. We just throroughly enjoyed our experience with Bob, Danielle, Kathryn and Amelia (the name, I believe, of Bob and Danielle’s delightfully mellow feline) from beginning to end and will, no doubt, find our way back to Maps of Antiquity whenever we next have the opportunity.