Quaint roadside home that is actually a treasure trove of old maps/drawings!

We found Maps of Antiquity after having breakfast at Grumpy’s (also on the Cape) and seeing an old Cape Cod map on the wall. We looked online for local places or websites that specialized in antique maps and came across the very detailed website for Maps of Antiquity (great place to start your browsing) and we were very happy to see that they were located not too far away. The store is actually the first floor of a quaint home that is stocked with many antique maps and drawings of all sizes (and ages). Of course, they have many Cape Cod related items but they also have items relating to other parts of the US and the world. The staff/owners are fantastic: friendly and patient, while giving you space to browse leisurely. They also do custom framing and will ship your pieces (via a 3rd party). We ordered several framed pieces and they all arrived safely and for a relatively reasonable price. We will visit again and you should too if you have any interest at all in maps or antiques! (note: they sell pieces at a wide range of price points so there is a good chance you can find something in your budget, but the cheaper pieces are likely to be replicas/reprints).