“Danielle, Bob and Kathryn are genuinely wonderful people who serve as your tour guides to the time each map was created.”

My wife and I have purchased several maps from Maps of Antiquity. One which generates a great deal of discussion is a map of Cape Cod in the early 1930’s illustrating many of the most beautiful sights off the main roads and highways. For example, it displays out of the way beaches, marinas, golf courses, the train tracks (which are now bicycle paths) and the old Chatham train depot. Much has changed – but much remains, and that’s the charm of Cape Cod. 

Bob always does a terrific job framing the maps – and is more particular about his work than anyone who has ever done framing for us.

Danielle, Bob and Kathryn are wonderful people with a passion for what they do. They make a visit to their store a trip back in time with them as your tour guides.