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Decorating Your Home or Business with Antique Maps

Maps, whether antiques or reproductions, can truly elevate a room’s style!  To prove it, we have some photos showing how we have decorated with maps in one of our guest rooms.  Take a look at the photos below.  We hope it will inspire some decorating creativity!

Cape Cod Map Decorating Decor

This Cape Cod Ghost Map enlivens the space above a side table.

Antique Map Decorating Decor

There is a TV hiding in the wooden stand below, while a vignette featuring books, a lovely lamp, and an antique map drawn interest above.

Antique Map Decorating Decor

This antique map sits next to a door that is almost always closed and brings interest to an area that you might not think about otherwise.

Chatham Map Decorating Decor

Even little wall spaces are perfect places for maps. Antique maps come in small sizes, perfect for those hard-to-decorate places.

Antique Print Decorating Decor

This little antique print looks great against the teal wall paint, and the frame matches the bureau well! We think it looks classy without looking fussy.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a map store as extensive and authentic

As a visitor from San Antonio, good friends who live in Mashpee took us to the map store. Maps are my favorite things, and I really didn’t expect the experience I had coming to a small house with little distinction, set back from the street in a small town. In travels across the world, I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a map store as extensive and authentic. I could have stayed all day, going through the entire collection.

Being from Texas, I inquired about maps from my area and was genuinely surprised to find an wide-ranging collection. The first map that caught my eye was an original (taken, obviously, with a binding, from an atlas), an Augustus Mitchell 1860 County map of Texas with hand colorings. I really wanted it and was serious, but the price was more than I anticipated and I had to give it some thought. In the process, the store manager showed me a recent print of the same map – a perfect reproduction indistinguishable from the original, priced less than a fifth of the original. Very tempting.

Again, after much consideration, I decided on the original. I wanted the real thing. The manager did not have to show me the print (and I would not likely have discovered it on my own). The integrity of the transaction, along with the engaging knowledge and welcoming of the manager made a memorable and immensely pleasurable experience. I will visit the store again on subsequent trips to the Cape.

San Antonio, Texas