Monthly Archives: September 2013

United States of America

This famous Melish map of the United States is one of the few maps that does not carry the distinctive border of historical information.  The map shows Missouri and Illinois as states, but Michigan and Arkansas and the remainder of the west are not yet even territories.  Item#: USA085.

Celebrating History and Culture

Lavoisne Atlases were produced in the early 1800's and known for their colorful maps bordered on three sides by rich detail of current cultural, and military, socio economic, geographic and meteological information.  Published by Carey and Son, the engraved maps were hand-colored in the four distinctive colors of the time.  This world map is Item #: WOR087.

New Great Maps – Super Deals Section

Maps in this new "Great Maps – Super Deals" section include a selection of some of our valuable or unusual maps and prints that we want to offer at a special price for limited time, about one month.  We hope that you will visit this section regularly and that it will inspire you to buy a map that you may not normally buy.  This group of maps will change each month.  

We are often asked how we price our maps.  We use a number of resources which include data bases of map sales to which we subscribe, catalogs, internet research, and our own experience.  Factors which go into pricing include: the age and condition of the map, the maker, style, rarity, historical value, and market demand.  The goal of our "Great Maps – Super Deals" section is to price a few maps and prints at an even greater value, for a short time.  

Our special offers currently feature pictorial maps of the 1930's by Ernest Dudley Chase from Winchester, MA.  These collectable, well-illustrated maps include key cities in Europe with sketches of local castles, churches and famous public buildings.  Other "Great Maps – Super Deals", in the near future, will include some of our larger wall maps and huge nautical charts.