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Mediterranean Sea Chart

Black and white engraved Antique Nautical Chart of the Mediterranean Sea, from Nicholas Tindal's "The History of England…", vol. III, London, 1744, showing the entire Mediterranean done in the portalan chart style, with coastal detail of Northern Africa (Egypt, Algieria, Morocco, etc.), Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, etc. See EUR248JR

Couldn’t Be Happier

I was searching for an antique map of Cape Cod to have framed as a present for my best friend. I know nothing about maps or where to find them. I was ducking into antique stores all over the cape until my father found a website for Maps of Antiquity in Chatham. When I went, I was still unsure of what I wanted and I certainly couldn’t articulate my idea, but the staff was so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable that they guided me right to the picture I had in my head. The map was also totally in my price range. Then, they framed it for me! I am entirely indecisive, but they helped me to pick out a frame, matting, and glass in probably a half an hour. Initially, I did think that the framing was a little expensive, but when I went to pick up the finished product, I would have paid twice as much! My map is beautiful! I really just couldn’t be any happier with my map and with Maps of Antiquity!!

Map of Old Cape Cod….far exceeded our expectations!

Have passed this wonderful shop so many times over the years. I was looking for antique map of cap cod and finally stopped in. Found what I was looking for, chose matting and frame and finished product was shipped to my out of state home. I am so happy with framed map. Everyone was so helpful and kind while choosing map. Highly recommend stopping in when in the area.