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Recent Acquisitions

Antique colored intaglio from "Seaweeds of the British Isles", Nature-printed by Henry Bradbury in 1857. Nature printing was a process used in the Nineteenth Century to capture the exact details of plants and insects. The object itself was first impressed into a harder material which could then be used to make the printing surface. Wood, softened by steam, and various types of metal were used to make a mold from the plants. This process involved passing the object to be reproduced between a steel plate and a lead plate, through two rollers closely screwed together. The high pressure imbedded the object into the lead plate. Colored ink was then applied to the stamped lead plate to produce a copy. The process was ideal for showing the thin two-dimensional fronds of ferns and seaweed, but less successful with more fleshy plants. This Nature-print shows exquisite, accurate detail; excellent condition, matted, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Price: $75.00 Date: 1857. See NAT031.

September Featured Antique Map

Hermann Moll's North America "Codfish" map. Beautiful, ornate, illustrated cartouche, codfish vignette, and small insets of St. John's Harbour, Boston Harbour, Staten Island, Havana, Cartegena Harbour and Forts, etc. Excellent condition, 23 x 38 inches.

Price: $8500.00 Date: 1715. See NAM061.

“Danielle, Bob and Kathryn are genuinely wonderful people who serve as your tour guides to the time each map was created.”

My wife and I have purchased several maps from Maps of Antiquity. One which generates a great deal of discussion is a map of Cape Cod in the early 1930’s illustrating many of the most beautiful sights off the main roads and highways. For example, it displays out of the way beaches, marinas, golf courses, the train tracks (which are now bicycle paths) and the old Chatham train depot. Much has changed – but much remains, and that’s the charm of Cape Cod. 

Bob always does a terrific job framing the maps – and is more particular about his work than anyone who has ever done framing for us.

Danielle, Bob and Kathryn are wonderful people with a passion for what they do. They make a visit to their store a trip back in time with them as your tour guides.

“A terrific gallery for those interested in maps.”

We were searching for a map of a particular area in Cape Cod. They had several choices from original to quality reproduction. We found what we wanted, a good hand colored reproduction which they framed quickly as we were returning home in a few days. We had seen another map which we couldn’t decide on. We returned home and decided we should have gotten it. We checked it online, called them and ordered it. We received it a few days later. I highly recommend them.

Recent Acquisition

Black and white antique coastal chart showing Long Island, Montauk Point to New York, and Long Island Sound. With soundings and coastal detail. Very good condition, repaired tear lower right, some small brown spots in center, 11 x 22.25 inches.

Price: $140.00 Date: 1896. See NYO221

August Featured Antique Map

Hand colored antique wall map of New England by Sowle & Ward, Boston, published by Ensign and Thayer, New York. With decorated cartouches, illustrated border, and vignettes. Very good condition, professional conservation has been done, tears expertly repaired, great original color, beautiful uniform background hue, 28.5 x 22 inches. Price: $1100.00 Date: 1847. See NEW033