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Recent Acquisitions

1858 Barnstable County Wall Map

We have handled a number of these colorful maps in the last few years – selling or restoring them.  Currently, Maps of Antiquity has three available for sale in a variety of prices and condition.  We also offer reproductions of this map in several sizes.  This collectable map was the first depiction of Cape Cod produced commercially showing the Cape and Islands separate from Massachusetts or New England.  Each Cape Cod town had at least one to be used for tax purposes, showing all property owners in Barnstable, Duke and Nantucket Counties in 1858. Filled with remarkable detail and information, this exciting piece is usually difficult to attain due to its rarity.  For more information on our antique 1858 Cape Cod wall maps, click here.

Rare and Specialty Maps

A stellar new acquisition, this extremely rare and unusual antique coastal chart was done by George Eldridge of Chatham in 1852. This antique coastal chart shows the coasts and waters surrounding and to the south of Chatham, including Old Harbor, Stage Harbor, Nauset Beach, Morris Island, Monomoy, Broken Rips Shoal, Bearse's Shoal, Butler's Hole, and the Handkerchief Shoals in Nantucket Sound. This piece is attractively framed and matted, see MAS793.

Mediterranean Sea Chart

Black and white engraved Antique Nautical Chart of the Mediterranean Sea, from Nicholas Tindal's "The History of England…", vol. III, London, 1744, showing the entire Mediterranean done in the portalan chart style, with coastal detail of Northern Africa (Egypt, Algieria, Morocco, etc.), Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, etc. See EUR248JR

Recent Acquisition

Beautifully restored antique maps by Hermann Moll, including this hand colored engraved antique map of the entirety of Asia, from Turkey in the west to Japan in the east, from Moll's " The World Described", London, c. 1732. See ASI035.

Hand Colored Antique Coastal Report Chart

We also will have with us in Miami a selection of our antique nautical charts and antique coastal report charts. This antique report chart, by the U.S. Coast Survey, 1860, in excellent condition, of the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware, part of Maryland, and the Delaware Bay, has been hand colored by our artist. See MAT067 .

New Acquisition

Beautifully framed and double matted original hand colored antique map of Boston, and parts of Charlestown and Cambridge, by George Smith, 1851. With insets of South Boston and East Boston. Excellent condition, overall dimensions with frame and mat as shown, approx. 34.5 x 34.5 inches.

Price: $790.00 Date: 1851. See GFT104.

Holiday Gifts

Hand colored engraved antique illustration of various seashells, custom framed in rich, soft blue mat, with black undermat, and gold wood frame. Individual piece, each priced at $80.00; as a set of 4, $295.00.

Price: $80.00 Date: 1798. See Holiday Gifts.

Recent Acquisitions

Antique blue back nautical chart by James Imray & Sons, London, 1876, with 3 back labels, includes coast of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Northeast United States, with clear images of Cape Cod and Long Island, and insets of Massachusetts Bay, Portland, and the Approach to New York from Seaward.  For more information, see NAU106.*****SOLD***** To see more of our recently acquired antique blueback nautical charts click here.

Recent Acquisitions

Antique colored intaglio from "Seaweeds of the British Isles", Nature-printed by Henry Bradbury in 1857. Nature printing was a process used in the Nineteenth Century to capture the exact details of plants and insects. The object itself was first impressed into a harder material which could then be used to make the printing surface. Wood, softened by steam, and various types of metal were used to make a mold from the plants. This process involved passing the object to be reproduced between a steel plate and a lead plate, through two rollers closely screwed together. The high pressure imbedded the object into the lead plate. Colored ink was then applied to the stamped lead plate to produce a copy. The process was ideal for showing the thin two-dimensional fronds of ferns and seaweed, but less successful with more fleshy plants. This Nature-print shows exquisite, accurate detail; excellent condition, matted, 8.5 x 5.5 inches.

Price: $75.00 Date: 1857. See NAT031.

Recent Acquisition

Black and white antique coastal chart showing Long Island, Montauk Point to New York, and Long Island Sound. With soundings and coastal detail. Very good condition, repaired tear lower right, some small brown spots in center, 11 x 22.25 inches.

Price: $140.00 Date: 1896. See NYO221

Andrews’ 18 Inch Globe, by C.F. Weber & Co. successor to A.H. Andrews

Beautifully finished, recently restored 18 inch globe, with 12 gores, by Weber for Andrews, circa 1890. Set in ornate three legged cast iron stand, with stamped, solid brass full meridian ring, and polished hardwood horizon ring, which shows the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac. Globe is beautifully colored and shows 1890 geography in exquisite detail; shows ecliptic, equinoctial colure, trade winds and other features. Includes figure-eight analemma, "Analemma or Table of Equation of Time, Showing the Sun's Declination and the Difference of Time Between the Clock and Sun for Every Day of the Year". Excellent condition, stands approximately 35 inches in height. See WOR046.