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Featured Maps

Another successful Miami Map Fair in February

We had a great selection of antique maps and nautical charts from our collection, including this hand colored antique folding tourist map of Europe, circa 1869, by Cruchley. In 40 sections, folded into a book-like cover. This map shows railway and steamship routes, roads and routes, and has extraordinary, rich original color. See EUR475 .

December Featured Map

A selection of hand colored antique triangulation report charts of the Northeast coast, done by the U.S. Coast Survey circa 1860, each framed and matted as shown. All in excellent to very good condition, each one varies slightly in subject and dimensions. Approximate overall dimensions with mat and frame as shown, approx. 40.75 x 37.5 inches.

Price: $575.00 Date: 1860. See GFT101.

September Featured Antique Map

Hermann Moll's North America "Codfish" map. Beautiful, ornate, illustrated cartouche, codfish vignette, and small insets of St. John's Harbour, Boston Harbour, Staten Island, Havana, Cartegena Harbour and Forts, etc. Excellent condition, 23 x 38 inches.

Price: $8500.00 Date: 1715. See NAM061.

August Featured Antique Map

Hand colored antique wall map of New England by Sowle & Ward, Boston, published by Ensign and Thayer, New York. With decorated cartouches, illustrated border, and vignettes. Very good condition, professional conservation has been done, tears expertly repaired, great original color, beautiful uniform background hue, 28.5 x 22 inches. Price: $1100.00 Date: 1847. See NEW033

July Featured Antique Map

A lovely little black and white engraved map of Martha's Vineyard, the Elizabeth Islands, and part of the coast of Cape Cod. With considerable detail of topographical features, roads, towns, villages, and meeting houses. Engraved by P.F. Tardieu for the Paris edition of Letters from an American Farmer in 1787. See MAS461MB.

June Featured Map

 Within our extensive collection of Cape Cod original antique nautical charts and maps, we also offer reproductions.  We have many more of individual towns and villages throughout the Cape that are not shown on our website.   Contacts us for detailed information and prices.  We can custom framed items and ship throughout the U.S.  See MAS294 for the original and REP038 for a high quality reproduction of the same map.

Andrews’ 18 Inch Globe, by C.F. Weber & Co. successor to A.H. Andrews

Beautifully finished, recently restored 18 inch globe, with 12 gores, by Weber for Andrews, circa 1890. Set in ornate three legged cast iron stand, with stamped, solid brass full meridian ring, and polished hardwood horizon ring, which shows the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac. Globe is beautifully colored and shows 1890 geography in exquisite detail; shows ecliptic, equinoctial colure, trade winds and other features. Includes figure-eight analemma, "Analemma or Table of Equation of Time, Showing the Sun's Declination and the Difference of Time Between the Clock and Sun for Every Day of the Year". Excellent condition, stands approximately 35 inches in height. See WOR046.

March Featured Map

Charming and unusual antique Wall Map and "Travellers' Guide" of the United States in 1845, including insets the vicinities of New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Mobile, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Charlston, Pittsburg, Chicago, Detroit, as well as Washington, DC.