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A Sample of our Large Nautical Chart Collection

A Sample of our Large Nautical Chart Collection

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We offer a variety of custom map items, including tables, tiles, fabrics, wallpapers, and more!

We offer a variety of custom map items, including tables, tiles, fabrics, wallpapers, and more!

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Some of our Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproductions

Some of our Digitally Engraved Specialty Reproductions

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Our High Quality Giclee Reproductions

Our High Quality Giclee Reproductions

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Hometown America

This month we celebrate hometown U.S.A.. featuring bird's eye view maps and city views of American towns.  Many of these town maps in the U.S., and around the world, show rivers, bays, harbors, islands, key buildings, topographic features and neighboring land.  Item – NYO187A.

Early Fall, Early Pieces

Some of our earliest antique maps are in surprisingly great condition.  Maps were often bound or hinged into books or folios.  This map of Italy – EUR703 – was printed by Munster around 1542 using drawings of the known world around the time of Christ. 

New Great Maps – Super Deals Section

Maps in this new "Great Maps – Super Deals" section include a selection of some of our valuable or unusual maps and prints that we want to offer at a special price for limited time, about one month.  We hope that you will visit this section regularly and that it will inspire you to buy a map that you may not normally buy.  This group of maps will change each month.  

We are often asked how we price our maps.  We use a number of resources which include data bases of map sales to which we subscribe, catalogs, internet research, and our own experience.  Factors which go into pricing include: the age and condition of the map, the maker, style, rarity, historical value, and market demand.  The goal of our "Great Maps – Super Deals" section is to price a few maps and prints at an even greater value, for a short time.  

Our special offers currently feature pictorial maps of the 1930's by Ernest Dudley Chase from Winchester, MA.  These collectable, well-illustrated maps include key cities in Europe with sketches of local castles, churches and famous public buildings.  Other "Great Maps – Super Deals", in the near future, will include some of our larger wall maps and huge nautical charts.  

Upcoming Events

April 6th, Saturday  – Lower Cape Home & Garden Expo, our first home show where we feature custom made products for decorating homes including maps printed on tile and custom reproductions.   10am – 4pm at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, 351 Pleasant Lake Avenue Harwich, MA  02645, Free Admission.  

April 9th, Tuesday – Co-owner, Bob Zaremba, will be presenting a talk on The Role of Cape Cod in American Nautical Chart Development," at the 4th Annual Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association Spring Seminar, open to the public.  8:30 – 3pm, Cultural Center, 289 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, $25.00 includes lunch. This seminar includes a variety of speakers from the local antiques community.

Coast Chart Reproduction

High quality custom-made print, produced and framed by Maps of Antiquity.  One of our happy customers provided us with this image of our work.  We are always grateful to see the end result.  Our custom made reproductions usually involve a team of talented staff and associates, and are locally produced.  Enlarged size of REP067BP.

Maps and Prints Make Great Gifts!

Our holiday gifts page is ready for you.  Each year, we assemble a variety of our key products for your consideration.  Prices from our collection currently vary from $20.00 to $18,000, to please casual gift buyers, creative decorators and experienced map collectors.  While we offer a large selection of maps and prints of New England, we also have material from all over the world and the celestial universe.  If you don’t see what you want, please send us a request.  In the meantime, we hope that our gift page will inspire you to consider offering a unique, popular, or personal gift from our collection.


Hand colored antique map of Brooklyn, showing details of streets and avenues, as well as of Prospect Park, Greenwood Cemetery, and Washington Park. See NYO326.

Early Cape Cod Road Map

Because Cape Cod is such a prominent feature on the coast and easily attracted early explorers including Champlain during the 17th Century , maps of the area are plentiful.  Our changing coastline is often shown with new inlets and island formations. This map shows the early major sand and dirt roads that were soon to be paved for car travel – see MAS420.

Featured for June, Antique Tourist Maps

Tourist Maps were made in the late 1880's as a part of travel books. Beginning in the 1920's and 30's, decorative tourist maps, such as this unusual, playful tourist map of Cape Cod, were also produced by some of the leading graphic artists. These maps are characterized by cartoon-like drawings of pirates, sea serpernts, treasure chests and starfish. This antique tourist map of Cape Cod is part of our exhibit, "Mapping Cape Cod, Both Land and Sea", beginning June 13, 2012 at the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth (click here) and includes founding dates of all the towns, illustrations of significant historical events, and various characteristics of each town. See MAS406A.

Our April Features, “Published Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge”

The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK) was a mid-nineteenth century company with an extraordinary name and extraordinary maps! This hand colored antique SDUK map shows North America in its entirety—Canada, United States, Mexico, parts of Central America, Cuba, and the West Indies, with large view of Texas as an independent nation. Includes the magnificent detail typical of SDUK maps. See NAM037JR. To see many of our SDUK antique maps, click here.

Thank You

We are ending the year on a high note and are very grateful to our customers, staff, vendors, colleagues and friends who have contributed to our growth in 2011.  The business year was a roller coaster ride with a busy summer (the best ever) flanked by slow spring and fall seasons due to sewer construction.  Fortunately, our website business grew tremendously this year and we want to thank our buyers from all over the world who have purchased from us and provided us with such positive feedback.

Bird’s Eye View Maps – More Popular Than Ever

 Bird’s Eye Views surged in popularity in the 1800’s when people developed an interest in flying.  The hot air balloon era started around 1780, followed by gliders and early airplanes in the 1880’s.  The public was beginning to see things from the air and people were fascinated by the perspective.  The maps displayed civic pride through featured town sites, architectural details of buildings and closer views of the communities.  They were drawn mostly by itinerant artists.

The best description and discussion piece on Bird’s Eye View or Pictorial maps that we have found is on Wikipedia.  This link provides a detailed history and examples of this ever popular type of map.

At Maps of Antiquity, we provide a separate category to locate a number of these antique maps on our site.  We also have reproduced several of the most popular local New England Bird’s Eye View maps as high quality giclees.  While not all of these maps are online yet, we can provide additional items through special requests and custom orders.

New Product this Month

Now available online – a fine selection of antique and rare map cases to protect your special map or document.  These cases made of leather, metal or hardwood offer a safe, clean and secure way to store your map.