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Navigating Our Website

 Finding an item on any website can be challenging, especially when you have over 6,000 listed products to discover!  Our site provides you with a variety of ways to explore what we have.  Here are a couple of hints that we hope you will find to be helpful:

1)  All of our items are antique or original maps and prints, unless clearly stated in the description.  Inventory numbers for reproductions begin with REP (reproduction) or GFT (gift) to ensure that both our customers and staff know if a reproduction is requested.  A majority of our maps and prints are originals.

2)  The search box at the top allows you to put in a word to find an item.  It will search the entire description and title of each listed item.

3)  The blocks on the left represent key or most popular categories.  You can just click on the box or select subcategories from the “fly out” menus.

4)  The sitemap button in the upper right corner of our homepage provides an index to many of our products.

5) If you need help, you may reach us through the “contact us” section or by calling us.  Our telephone number is located at the bottom of each screen. While we are open, 10am – 5pm, east coast time, we are often able to assist after business hours – but please not in the middle of the night.

6) If there are topics you wish to see or items which you find difficult to locate, please let us know.  We welcome feedback.

Our website changes several times per week.  Please visit us often and enjoy traveling through time, history and space with us.

 Navigating the MOA website

Site Map Introduction

For an easy way to get an overview of our products and many categories, the Sitemap tab provides a quick way to see what is currently available along with the number of items available.  Three of the ways to find items on this website include: the sitemap located in the upper right of this page , the search box at the top center of the page where you can put in words or item numbers, and the table of contents in the left margin of this page.  We want to make it easy for you to find what you need by providing several ways to find the material.  If you have any trouble, be sure to contact us by email or phone.