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“Wonderful place!”

We stopped by to browse and spend a short time but spent hours browsing the thousands of maps from all over the world. I haven’t had so much fun buying something in a long time. Bought an 1860 beautiful United States map that we will frame.

Visited June 2015 from South Florida, Florida

“Hidden Gem!”

We stopped out of curiosity thinking it was an antique store, but it’s a Guest House AND if you are looking for maps this is the place to go! Maps from all over the world…and easily works of art in their own respect. They also have Vintage postcards.There are three charming and beautifully done rooms that they rent out and the rates they quoted seemed more than reasonable considering they are located right on Route 28 minutes from Chatham Center, local beaches, and the Cape Cod Bike Trail. The back yard has lovely gardens and there were lilac and wisteria blooming at the time of our visit. The owners Danielle and Robert were friendly and welcoming. We are already trying to figure out how soon we can book our next stay in one of their suites!

Visited May 2015 from Hadley, NY

“Perfect visit”

My boyfriend wanted to get a map for his mother for a present so we went in here to see what they had and we were not disappointed. Not only did the owners help him find exactly what he wanted in his price range they helped me find postcards from the turn of the 20th century of my hometown in CT. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who cares about the history of cape cod and wherever they hail from.

Very cute kitty just an added plus !

Caitlin Z, Visited May 2015

“This place brought out the sense of adventure inside of me!!!”

When I first heard about Maps of Antiquity, I was excited but had some reservations about whether or not they would have anything I was looking for. Much to my surprise, these guys really hit the ball out of the park. These folks really know what they are doing and have access to a vast amount of resources. Who would have thought that there would be a beautiful map of the Philippines included in a US Commercial Atlas. If you like maps or items of antiquity, and you have a great sense of adventure, this is the place for you!!!

Belinda, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Visited April 2015

“Went for a quick look, stayed over an hour!”

What a great little shop in Chatham. Maps of Antiquity is housed in a charming old structure, filled with antique prints, maps and documents. The shop owners are just as happy to let you independently browse the merchandise as they are to assist you with any search or question. There is so much of interest to look at, I could have stayed all day.

Visited April 2015

“Best antique maps and customer service, look no further you are in excellent hands!”

Maps of antiquity is the best place to but antique maps that we have came across, and that is a lot to say coming from Europe where the competition is fierce! Maps of antique have not only a wide range and excellent quality but also a team of passionate specialists who really know a lot and truly enjoy their expertise. In addition they send maps to London where we live -the last one we ordered arrived within a week after purchase and during the Christmas period so we were very pleased and impressed with their fast turn around- We felt really lucky we came across to Maps of Antiquity and their team. Perri in particular was such a star and made it all happen so flawlessly!
Many thanks Rob, Danielle and Perri and we ll be back soon!

Cris Mardiez, London, United Kingdom
Visited January 2015

“So easy to work with and excellent customer service”

I wanted to get my mom a map of Cape Cod for her new home on the Cape as a Christmas present. Since we live in Western part of the state, it was not going to be easy for me to go to Maps of Antiquity to see their selections. They made this process so easy for me, they provided me with photos and descriptions of maps that they knew fit my criteria. Perri who I mainly communicated with was the most pleasant and helpful person. Since I decided to pick up the framed map from the store after Christmas when we were going to be in town instead of having it shipped to my mom’s before Christmas, Perri knowing my mom was not going to see her present on Christmas even included a description and photo of the piece I purchased so that I can have my mom open that on Christmas day. When I went to the store to pick it up, Perri wasn’t there but the two people that were there on that day, were just as wonderful!

Y.C., Amherst, Massachusetts
Visited January 2015

“Professional, prompt and personalized.”

I was looking for a special personal gift for friends, to gift it to them at Thanksgiving. Through my research I came across Maps of Antiquity. I got in touch with them and they were so amazing. They are prompt, informed and meticulous. They took me through the steps and my husband and zeroed in on an antique map of the county our friends live in. We know this will be very special to them.It arrived promptly after I placed the order. It was so exciting to see a map from the mid 19th century colored by unknown hands. Its an absolute treasure. If you are looking for rare finds for yourself or to gift it to loved ones Map of Antiquity is an absolute must that you should not miss out on

Ash, Jersey City, NJ
Visited November 2014

“Couldn’t have been more helpful !!!”

My wife and I went to the store to look at maps of Nepal. There were 4 people in the store and we didn’t realize all of them worked at the store. I asked one of them if she had any maps of Nepal and she produced a couple. Soon I realized that all 4 of these people were hunting for Nepal maps and they produced several. What fantastic service! We spent about 2 hours in the store talking to all of the helpful staff about a variety of subjects. It made a rainy morning very memorable.
Thank you all !!

B & A, Boston, MA

Visited November 2014

“Wonderful service, beautiful maps”

I had emailed the store about a couple of maps we had seen on their website, and their responses were always prompt and extremely helpful. When we arrived not only did the map we chose look even better in person, but the frame they had used was amazing quality.

One of the owners spent the time to go over the map with us, going over the details within the map, the creator of the map, year made, etc. Overall it was an excellent experience and this map will make a wonderful best man gift for my fiance’s brother, who live on the cape. I highly suggest stopping by this shop! We’ll definitely be back.

L.C. Boston, MA

Visited October 2014

It’s Already Autumn!

Shop interior lower version 1-1Our autumn 2014 newsletter has it all- holiday gift ideas, a great map-related book review, an informative article about nautical charts and coastal reports, and much more!  Don’t miss this one!  And don’t forget about all of the ways you can connect with us on social media!  We hope to see you all on some of these other platforms too!Social Media Logo

Here Summer Comes!

Love it or hate it, it’s that time again– summertime on Old Cape Cod!  Take a moment before the summer sun drives you outdoors to peruse our June Newsletter.  This will be the last one until fall but please follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more interesting information until our next newsletter comes out!

Summer is here!

Summer is here!


“Lovely store”

My husband and I rushed here after our whale watcher cruise hoping to find something nice to remember our anniversary weekend. We arrived about 30 minutes before the shop closed. I expected to have a quick browse then hurried out the door. That did not happen. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful. We weren’t sure what exactly we wanted, so they pointed us to the direction of different maps and we began looking. They have a wonderful inventory, so many interesting maps to look at. We quickly got lost in the maps and could have stayed there for hours!! Next time we visit Chatham we will have to allow more time at Maps of Antiquity. It truly is a must see if you are in the area. The owners are knowledgeable and will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Rebecca K., MA

Visited September 2014

“Beautiful Maps and Very Knowledgeable Staff”

This is a wonderful map store. They have maps from all over the place and everything is very organized and easy to look through. If you’re looking for something specific they will help you find it and show you some specialty things that aren’t out. They have a wide range of original maps and reproductions and variable price points. If you need something shipped, framed or rolled to take back while traveling it isn’t a problem. I look forward to stopping in the next time I’m in the area.

Abby J., GA

Visited September 2014

“Wonderful place”

We have visited Maps of Antiquity several times over the years. We have purchased maps there as well as having some restorations, including cleaning and a fairly complex restoration which involved restoring a missing piece that someone had cut out of an 1855 map of our hometown. We have also had framing done there. All dealings with Danielle and Robert have been friendly, courteous and professional. We always stop in when we are on the Cape.

Alton E., MA

Visited July 2014

“Professional online service”

I found maps of Antiquity online. Their range of maps and comparative maps is astonishing. Service, shipping and correspondence was professional. I can highly recommend this to map-freaks like me but also to others with more general interests in history, geology and geography. It’s a treasure!

Hanna, Sweden

Visited August 2014

“Excellent and unique”

My husband’s job brings us to different countries every 2-4 years, and each country becomes part of our family’s memories and journey. We were desperately looking for an antique map of El Salvador, but could not find a verifiably genuine map anywhere, although there are plenty of fakes floating around. Were delighted to find a beautiful map via Maps of Antiquity website, and had it professionally framed with them. Not cheap, but absolutely worth it. Now, two years later, I have just purchased another map, and communication was easy, with timely and thorough replies for emails. A very reliable, unique and most excellent place. Can’t wait to visit in person one day, and will keep on making online purchases from them meanwhile. Highly recommend.

Svetna, South Korea

Visited August 2014

“Absolutely fantastic! ”

The staff was very friendly and welcoming–even told me as a first time visitor what was where. They asked me what I was interested in and helped me find something. I will make it a point to come back here on any future visits to Chatham, that is, if I don’t return on this trip!

Reviewed August 20, 2014

“Beautiful Maps/Great Service”

Recently I read about Maps of Antiquity. Being of a curious nature, I went to their website and found the most beautiful maps dating back centuries. My wife and I take frequent trips to Jamaica and I found the most beautiful map of Jamaica, circa 1821. Upon its safe arrival in short time I took it to have framed and the framing was more than the map! The service was also fantastic. Buying a map from Maps of Antiquity was a great experience and I will do it again. Mark Bryant, Paducah, Kentucky

Mark, KY

Visited August 2014

“Hidden Gem”

We found this place on trip advisor and were excited to check it out. We showed up just after they closed but the owners were so friendly they invited us in anyways to poke around, even after we told them we were “just looking”. The place was packed full of so many original maps from so many places from all years. I felt like a kid looking through them all. We ended up almost buying several but settled on a very cool repro map of cape cod. Well worth the trip we made out of our way and they were so knowledgeable and patient with all our questions!!

Eric, MA

Visited July 2014


May seems a most suitable month to mention our southern sister, Cape May. We’re still on Team Cod, obviously, but New Jersey does boast certain advantages. Higher average temperatures during the month of May, for example. Easy access to NYC, too. And that turnpike! And those pine barrens! And… Bon Jovi? We might be a wee bit biased, but we think Cape Cod is winning.




Cartographers of yore didn’t just plot out our modest little planet, they mapped the heavens, too! This celestial map features contellations visible to the Northern hemisphere during April, May, and June. This year, Stargazers on the 5th of May might just catch the Eta Aquarids metor shower. And if that’s not reason enough to look up, on the night of May 23rd, the Comet 209P/LINEAR is likely to produce quite the light show. Furthermore, the full Moon is on May 14th this year. Do you know what the first full moon of May is called? The Flower Moon, naturally.

“No Surprises”

We ordered an automobile road map printed in 1900 of Cape Cod and the Martha’s Vineyard area. Given the age and the fact that older auto maps are often ruined along the folded edges, I called to get a clear description of the condition of the map. The map arrived beautifully packaged, on time, and in the exact condition described. I would definitely buy another map from Maps of Antiquity.

-William C., Bernardsville, NJ


Washington‘s beloved cherries trees were all Eliza Scidmore’s idea. The writer, photographer, & geographer from Iowa visited Japan in 1885 & was besotted by the beauty of those emphemeral blossoms. When she demanded that the U.S. Office of Public Buildings & Grounds plant cherry trees in D.C., she was roundly ignored. She proposed her idea to every new superintendent of the department for 24 years and, in 1906, botanist David Fairchild (of the prominent Connecticut clan) imported 1,000 cherry trees for his Maryland estate. The trees thrived, & Fairchild joined the cause. When Eliza decided to raise money for the trees herself, she wrote to First Lady Helen Taft. Mrs. Taft adored Japan & took matters into her own enthusiastic hands. Takamini, a Japanese chemist who happened to be in Washington, caught wind of the cherry tree crusade. He and the Japanese consul agreed that the trees should be given in the name of Tokyo, & asked Mrs. Taft if she’d accept another 2,000 cherry trees. To the tremendous delight of Scidmore, Fairchild, & all who afterward strolled the Potomac of an April morn, she graciously accepted. The rest, as they say, is history.


Sing this jaunty tune as you stroll across the oldest Seine-spanning bridge in Paris. Completed in 1607, Pont Neuf became a perpetual fair of jugglers, tumblers, clowns, & barking hawkers who inundated passers-by with handbills advertising everything from basic dentistry & beauty products to crystal eyes & cures for consumption. By the time this 1760 view was engraved, the pomp & spectacle of commerce & street performers had largely been replaced by slave traders & pickpockets. While Pont Neuf’s seedy reputation sent strolling sweethearts & curiosity seekers elsewhere, the so-called Bridge of Memories remains. In an April fog at midnight, some Parisians say, the delighted howls of that bygone era still sweep across the silent Seine

Wonderful people to do business with!

“I’M THRILLED!  The ‘piece’ arrived about 1/2 hour ago and is already hanging on the wall.  I couldn’t be more pleased – it’s magnificent!  Thank you all for everything. The only reason I stumbled on your website is because of the VISTAPRINT ad on television for business cards……just checking to see if the people in their ad are real….they are!  Then your business was of interest since I’ve always loved maps and geography.  On a whim, I clicked search for WHATELY and the rest is history. This entire experience has been awesome – you are wonderful people to do business with. Thanks again.”

-David from Smyrna, DE, 03/30/14

Have you ever heard of the Sea of the West? It’s just north of California & just south of the Northwest Passage, & it doesn’t actually exist. Neither does the Northwest Passage. So… what are they doing on this map? The foolishness began in 1534 when Verrazano, an Italian navigator, mistook part of North Carolina‘s Outer Banks for the Pacific Ocean. Yes, really. Then a book published in 1625 by Samuel Purchas made matters worse by including the “testimony” of a Greek captain called Juan De Fuca who claimed to have explored the Sea of the West during the late 1500’s. Finally, in 1708, a British magazine called Memoirs of the Curious published an account of the fantastical North Pacific voyage made 68 years prior by a Spanish admiral named Bartholemew de Fonte. There is no other record of this voyage. The intrepid explorer’s existence is not corroborated by public records. Alas, these pesky details did nothing to deter overzealous mapmakers who, for the next 50 years, published various maps showing non-existent waterways that had allegedly allowed a ship to sail clear across North America from Boston to meet our likely non-existent hero, the Admiral de Fonte, in his imaginary Sea of the West. Although the voyages of real-life explorers James Cook & George Vancouver had taken “La Mer de L’Ouest” decisively off the map by the 19th century, a 1796 General Map of North America from the best Authorities still shows the Entrance of Juan de Fuca & the River of the West. Here history proves, once again, that the popularity of an idea is no defense against it being downright foolish. 

America: As Picturesque as Ever

Hoping to lure vacationers away from European resorts, politician & poet William Cullen Bryant published Picturesque America in 1872. It detailed the nation’s natural features, & included hundreds of wood & steel cut engravings. View these historical & maritime prints, & see how many of these picturesque towns and cities you’ve visited! Those places may have changed, but these antique prints prove that, once upon a time, even Detroit was lovely! 


Weather the last weeks of winter with our rapidly expanding website! Did you know that in addition to our vast collection of maps, we also carry natural history prints? Browse the full selection in our converted 18th-century Chatham farmhouse, or curl up by your own fire & follow these links for fascinating antique engravings of birds, botanicals, fish, fruitinsects, seashells, or animals— like this handsome little lion

“They were so nice to deal with.”

 We were cleaning out the upstairs of our house in preparation for renovations and we came across an old map of Palestine that my husband had for 30 years.  We contacted Maps of Antiquity and they were interested in purchasing the map.  They were so nice to deal with.  The check arrived as promised and for more money than they originally quoted us.  Great bunch of people!

-Cindy,  Elliottsburg, PA

Break Out Those Bermuda Shorts!

Let mapmakers Raynal and Bonne whisk you away to the West Indies with this 1780 map entitled "The Caribbean islands and the Gulf of Mexico" from the "Atlas of All Known Parts of Globe." Tour Louisian, Florida, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Yucatan, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, the Domincan Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Bermuda, Panama, Costa Rica, and Venezuela. We hear it's nice this time of year.

Item #: CAM031

Mellow Out in Jamaica

This fabulous 1680 map of Jamaica, by Nicolas Visscher, shows details of landforms, water bodies, and towns and districts delineated by color. This map's intricately engraved cartouche suggests that the area was once inhabited by musical angels and mermaids with a surplus of gold coins! 

Item #CAM058

Wishing for Warmer Weather?

Warm up to this fabulous hand-colored 1871 map by J.H. Colton, featuring the Hawaiian chain of islands, Samoa, New Zealand, "Feejee", Society Islands, Marquesas, and the Galapagos. Each geographic area includes its date of "discovery", and the names of its first explorers.

Item #: OCE060

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Pack your steamer trunk for an African safari with this piece from Gray's 1874 Atlas, which features the African continent on one side of the paper with Europe on reverse.  Countries and regions are hand colored in muted shades of pink, green, and yellow. Whatever you do, don't forget the sunscreen…

Item #: AFR077

January Newsletter

Happy New Year Map Lovers!  Did you see our January Newsletter yet?  If you did not (or did and want to re-read all of that amazing information), you can find it here:

January 2014 Newsletter

Topics include Dating Nautical Charts (and we’re not talking dinner and a movie), Framing 101, How to Value a Map, and Wall Maps vs School House Maps.

You don’t want to miss out on all of that knowledge, right?

It's Cold Outside, but Our Maps are Nice and Warm!

It’s Cold Outside, but Our Maps are Nice and Warm!

Christmas gift delight

For Christmas I bought a map of the Harwich Port area from Maps of Antiquity for my son who now lives in Austin,TX, and has several old maps of other places he has lived. He was so excited and thrilled to receive this 1907 map of his grandparents town where he spent many happy summers. Danielle and Bob enthusiastically helped me find just the right map for him. Thank you!


We ordered a one of a kind map transferred on to tile set in a cherry coffee table base as a Christmas present. This had never been done by the artist who was making simpler tables for Maps of Antiquity. Danielle never failed to keep us informed of the tables progress and was determined to have this present ready for Christmas. The final touches were still being completed on Christmas Eve but Maps of Antiquity arranged to have the artist deliver it in person on Christmas morning. It is fabulous!!! What great customer service. A rare thing in today’s world.

Extremely Pleased!

During a summer trip to cape cod, we were fortunate to stumble across this unique shop. We just loved exploring the maps of yesteryear. Well, when it came time to find a unique Christmas gift for my husband, Maps of Antiquity was the firtst place that came time – not a big impersonal ‘box store’. Viewing and purchasing from the website was easy and pleasant. My map arrived just days later, in a secure and sturdy tube. I can’t wait for my husband to unwrap his antique map on Christmas morning. Thank you.