Johnson's California, Territories of New Mexico and Utah. *****SOLD***** - 1860 
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United States West General
Antique hand colored map of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona with interesting and unique boundaries. Published during a great time of expansion and change in the US West, just after the Gadsden Purchase and just before the Civil War. Includes emigrant trails, geological features, and political divisions. Fantastically interesting information, such as the paths of various explorers with their names and years of travel (and location of their death if applicable) and captions like "This vast unexplored region of country is supposed to be inhabited by tribes of Indians" and "Abounding in...and Prickly Pear." The Grand Canyon wasn't thoroughly explored yet and is not mentioned on the map. We have read that the horizontal county lines are a common feature in early maps, but the counties were never truly divided in that way. Original hand coloring, good detail of landforms, water bodies, and towns. Measures approx. 18 x 26.75 inches to the paper edges. Good antique condition with overall toning and foxing. One noticeable blemish at bottom where map is torn and was repaired long ago with archival tape that has caused a darkening of the paper. **SOLD**
Antique Hand Colored Map
Maker: Johnson and Browning

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