Antique Sheet Music Sept. Sancti Joannis Chrysostomi and In Vigilia S. Matthaei Apostoli pgs 105-106 - c. mid-1700s 
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Antique sheet music used for religious services, mid to late 18th century. The exact date of this sheet is unknown, however, a guess can be made due to various attributes, including the fact that it was wood block printed, the ornate letters, and the use of accidentals. The convention of an accidental remaining in force through a measure developed only gradually over the 18th century. Before then, accidentals only applied to immediately repeated notes or short groups when the composer felt it was obvious that the accidental should continue. The older practice continued in use well into the 18th century. This sheet features an ornate letter E at the top of one side where the new song In Vigilia S. Matthaei Apostoli (On the eve of St. Matthew the Apostle) begins. Very good overall antique condition with some minor signs of age. Sheet measures approx. 19.5 x 13 inches.
Genuine Antique Sheet Music
Maker: unknown

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