Philippe Vandermaelen - 1795 
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Philippe Vandermaelen was a Belgian cartographer. His position as a cartographer was established with the first issue of the Atlas universel in July 1825. As the first atlas in the world to represent the Earth on a single and exceptionally large scale, the Atlas universel offered the widest, most complete, and most precise representation ever achieved. Outside of Europe, and in particular in places where Vandermaelen is known as the first cartographer to map an entire area, such as Australia, New Zealand and the United States, the Atlas universel is still considered as a superior document. The American David Rumsey recognised that, “for many of the areas depicted, these maps are the largest scale maps made at the time, and the most detailed (particularly in the American West)”. Private collectors know it as “a rare and remarkable atlas, a must for serious atlas collectors interested in North America”

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