Mappa Dispersus Filiorum Noemi - Dispersal of the Sons of Noah - 1787 
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Middle East & Holy Land
Antique uncolored map of the ancient Middle East as known by Europeans, by Bonne and Desmarest, published in the 1787 Atlas Encyclopedique. Features a large Armenia, as well as Mesopotamia, Arabia, Syria, and Babylonia, and covers modern day Libya, Eygpt, Arabia, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. Shows the dispersal, following the Biblical Flood, of the three sons Shem, Ham and Japeth, and their descendents. Very good condition with a few small minor stains/spots. Approx. 9.25 x 13.5 inches to the neatlines.
Genuine Antique Map
Maker: Bonne and Desmarest

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