Carte de la Floride, de la Louisiane, et Pays Voisins. - 1757 
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United States South South General
Antique uncolored map of the Louisiana and Florida territories of the United States, including Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, the Midwest, and extending west to what appears to be the Rocky Mountains, labeled New Mexico, and extending as far north as the Great Lakes. Includes Fort Checagou (Chicago) and Detroit, New Orleans, and Santa Fe (shown a bit more northerly than it is). Information about Native Americans throughout. This map also includes the French Fort Duquesne, an important fort during the French and Indian War, the war that trained George Washington in his early 20s. The Braddock expedition was launched in June 1755 to take Fort Duquesne, with George Washington as one of General Braddock's aides. The expedition was a disaster. Braddock was killed and approximately 1,000 British soldiers were killed or injured. The remaining 500 British troops retreated to Virginia, led by Washington. Washington and Thomas Gage played key roles in organizing the retreat—two future opponents in the American Revolutionary War. A fantastic historical and collectible map with great early detail. This map is similar to SOU383 (in fact it is nearly identical) but it is impossible to guess why two nearly identical maps were produced with the only difference being the inclusion of Florida in the title. Perhaps it is related to the public's interest in Florida at the time (this was just before Spain gave Florida to England, at which time it was split into East and West Florida). Very good overall antique condition, with a brown spot to the right of the title, and with toning that is darker at the paper edges. Measures approx. 8.75 x 12 inches to the neatline.
Genuine Antique Uncolored Map
Maker: Bellin

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