Polysiphonia Elongata (others also available), Framed and Matted Original Antique Nature-Printed Intaglio - 1857 
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Antique colored intaglio from "Seaweeds of the British Isles", Nature-printed by Henry Bradbury in 1857. Others available, matted and framed. Nature printing was a process used in the Nineteenth Century to capture the exact details of plants and insects. The object itself was first impressed into a harder material which could then be used to make the printing surface. Wood, softened by steam, and various types of metal were used to make a mold from the plants. This process involved passing the object to be reproduced between a steel plate and a lead plate, through two rollers closely screwed together. The high pressure imbedded the object into the lead plate. Colored ink was then applied to the stamped lead plate to produce a copy. The process was ideal for showing the thin two-dimensional fronds of ferns and seaweed, but less successful with more fleshy plants. This Nature-print shows exquisite, accurate detail; Very good overall antique condition, matted and framed, approx. 16 x 12.75 inches. Additional cost for shipping framed piece applies. Additional time may be required for framing.
Genuine Antique Nature-Printed Intaglio
Maker: Bradbury

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