Vue de la Cote du N.E. de L'Isle de Ste. Catherine sur la Cote du Bresil. Vue de l'Entrée, Septentrionale du Port de Ste. Catherine. - c. 1760 
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Two black and white antique illustrations of the port of St. Catherine, off the coast of Brazil, with 7 three-masted ships. While Great Britain was fighting the War of Jenkins' Ear with Spain in 1740, Commodore George Anson led a squadron of eight ships on a mission to disrupt or capture the Pacific Ocean possessions of the Spanish Empire. Returning to Britain in 1744 by way of China and thus completing a circumnavigation of the globe, the voyage was notable for the capture of the Manila Galleon but also for horrific losses from disease with only 188 men of the original 1,854 surviving. An account of the voyage was published in 1748 which being widely read by the general public was a great commercial success and "is still esteemed as the story of a remarkable voyage extremely well told". George Anson, (1697-1762) was a British admiral and eminent theoretician of naval arts. Shortly before his death, his friendship with the poet Richard Cambridge, who was interested in the interests of the Navy, led to his only historical work: An account of the war in India between the English and French, on the coast of Coromandel, from the year 1750 to the year 1760. Together with a relation of the late remarkable events on the Malabar coast, and the expeditions to Golconda and Surat. T. Jefferys, London 1761. Beautiful composition, very good condition overall, paper is toned, approx. 8.5 x 14.25 inches. **SPECIAL SALE - was $400, now $325**
Genuine Antique Engraved Illustration
Maker: George Anson

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