Homeric Greece, Kingdoms of The Successors of Alexander, The Mediterranean Lands at The Beginning of The Second Punic War, and The Roman Dominions at the End of The Mithridatic War - 1894 
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Antique printed color sheet of four maps centering on the Mediterranean region, each from a different period of time with different geographical boundaries. The first map depicts Homeric Greece and the neighboring lands, which is colored (with a key) to show separations between Achaian allies and Trojan allies. The second map shows the Kingdoms of the Successors of Alexander (around 300 B.C.). The third map shows the region at the beginning of the Punic War, and is colored (with a key) to show Roman possessions and allies, Carthaginian possessions and allies, Macedonian possessions and allies, Free Greek States, Syrian possessions, and Egyptian possessions. The fourth map depicts the Roman Dominions at the end of the Mithridatic War (64 B.C.). Very good condition with some slight overall toning of the page. By Cram, 1894, original atlas unknown. Measures approximately 9.5" x 12.5" to the neatline. (Note: All four maps are within the same neatlines, but can be separated if desired.)
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map
Maker: Cram

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