Cortes, De Soto, and Other Explorations - 1894 
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North America
Antique printed color sheet of four maps which show different explorations of the Americas. The top-most map is of Central America, Mexico, and Northwestern South America and contains an inset map of Cortes' March to Mexico. The next map shows the discoveries of early explorers on the Atlantic coast of North America and notes the years of their explorations. The third map shows the explorations of the Hudson and Champlain and also notes the explorers and years of the discoveries. The bottom-most and smallest map shows De Soto's March from Tampa Bay to the Mississippi. Very good condition with some slight overall toning. By Cram, 1894, original atlas unknown. Measures approximately 8.5" x 5.75" to the neatline.
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map
Maker: Cram

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