Explorations, Discoveries, and Settlements Around The World - 1894 
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Antique printed color sheet of small maps which show different explorations, discoveries, and settlements around the world. The top-most and largest map shows the discoveries of the Spaniards and Portuguese in the 15th and 16th centuries. The maps directly below show early French settlements around the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and English settlements around Massachusetts Bay. The bottom row of maps show Raleigh's explorations in 1584, attempts at Huguenot settlements in Florida (1562-1565), and the first English settlement in Virginia. Very good condition with some slight overall toning. By Cram, 1894, original atlas unknown. Measures approximately 8.25" x 5.75" to the neatline.
Genuine Antique Printed Color Map
Maker: Cram

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