A New and Accurate Map of America *****SOLD***** - 1747 
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Antique engraved black and white map of North and South America, by Emmanuel Bowen, 1747, subititled, Drawn from the Most Approved Modern maps and Charts and Adjusted by Astronomical Observations, Exhibiting the Course of the Trade Winds Both in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. A vivid and highly detailed portrait of known American geography at the time, with Louisiana occupying virutally the entire center of what would become the United States, the Pacific Northwest labeled New Albion and then fading off into Parts Undiscovered, the mighty South American rivers Amazon and de la Plata along with their tributaries dominating South America, and scores of other historical features. Very good condition with overall even toning and some darker toning along sections of the margin, measures approx. 13.75 x 17.5 inches. **SOLD**
Genuine Antique Engraved Map
Maker: Emmanuel Bowen

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