Pennsylvania Folding Map by the Scarborough Company - 1904 
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United States Pennsylvania
Printed color antique folding map on linen of Pennsylvania made by the Scarborough Company in 1904. Showing all counties, townships, cities, boroughs, villages, post-offices, and Railway Stations with distances between stations in statute miles and decimal fractions of miles. Compiled from the latest government and state surveys and original sources. Showing Steam Railways and suburban Electric Lines and the principal Highway Connections across the mountains. Upper right corner has a table showing the distances saved by the Panama Canal along with three maps of Panama and the canal, as well as a map of the city of Philadelphia. Fair to Poor Antique condition with light minor surface soiling, some seam separation revealing linen backing and some holes in the linen, writing in pen and pencil on upper left corner, overall toning. Approx. 38 x 52 inches when open. Folded size is approx. 10 x 5 inches. Priced in relation to condition.
Printed Color Genuine Antique Map
Maker: Scarborough Publishing Company

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