Flash Zoomer Example

One SWF for many images

You set the image path to load as flashVar parameter, e.g. : flashVars = "imgSrc=sample.jpg".
You can also set the zoom steps and the start state using flashVars.

Incredibly Simple Theming

Create another theme just by replacing and repositioning assets in the fla file. Themes:
  » Simple Blue
  » Diamond Black
  » White Noise

JavaScript Interface for Changing Images

Please Note: The JavaScript API will not work if you are running this file locally. Please access this file from a webserver e.g. after uploading it to a web location. To test it locally, add this folder to a trusted location using this link.
You can swith the displayed image simply by issuing a JavaScript command.

Security feature (PRO and above)

To protect steeling the swf from your site, flash zoomers features a security feature.
If the swf is stolen it displays: "Error reading key file from: www.example.com", where www.example.com is your custom defined url hardcoded in the swf.

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