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For the Serious Collector Who Has Everything2018-11-30

Europ, and the cheife Cities contayned therin, described; with the habits of most Kingdoms now in use.

This rare map called, "Europ, and the cheife Cities contayned therin, described; with the habits of most Kingdoms now in use."  was published by John Speed in 1626. This highly collectible map of Europe is colored by country with cities labeled and colored red. It features a decorative border with the major cities of Europe depicted along the top and the clothing styles of various peoples, for men or women, along the sides. The cities at the top are London, Paris, Rome, Constantinople, Venice, Prague, Amsterdam, and Lisbone. Ships and monsters traverse the ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

Map of the Island of Nantucket - 1787
By De Crevecoeur, engraved by Tardieu, from an English version of the book called Letters from an American Farmer published in 1787. This charming map of Nantucket features a triangular Tuckernuck Island, an enlarged Great Point area, tiny rows of trees delineating different areas, and a "Sand Ripp call'd Pochick." The numbers on this map correspond to information in the book. The (no longer complete) book can be purchased with the map for an additional $300. We also have the Martha's Vineyard map from the same book.

Regni Mexicani seu Novae Hispaniae Floridae, Novae Angliae, Carolinae, Virginiae, et Pensylvaniae nec non Insularum Archipelagi Mexicani in America Septentrionali Accurata Tabula - 1715

Wonderful early map of the Americas produced during the Spanish War of Succession, which directly impacted the ownership of the Louisiana Territory. There are numerous elements of interest throughout this map. In Nova Mexico, the apocryphal kingdoms of gold, Quivara and Teguayo are included. In the British Colonies, New York (Manhata) and other early settlements on Long Island, including Bedford and Southampton are labeled. The Carolinas feature old borders and include the 'Deserta Arenosa' (Deserta Akenatzy). Also depicted is the imagined 'Great Lake of the Southeast', labeled Matiqui, west of the Appalachians. Another speculative lake is shown further west, supposed to be the source of the Apalachicola River.

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