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New Year's Reflections2019-01-11
A new year is upon us, so let us reflect on the past... through maps!  Here are some maps that were printed in '19 in past centuries:

Connecticut 1819

Map of Connecticut from the Gazetteer of Rhode Island and Connecticut published by W.S. Marsh in 1819.

The Spanish Netherlands Commonly called Flanders - 1719

Map of the Flanders area of Belgium, by Senex, 1719.

Sizes of the Sun and Planets with Medieval City View - 1719

Antique astronomical engraving showing at the top, a massive and brilliant sun with small planets likely to show a comparison of sizes between them all, by Mallet, 1719.

Carte Generale Des Treize Cantons Suisse et des Differents Etats De Leur Independence - 1719

Map of Switzerland from Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique, 1719.

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