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As many of our clients know, the fully restored 18th-century structure that houses Maps of Antiquity also offers three cozy, affordable guest rooms. Summer is on the horizon on Cape Cod, so secure your reservations today! We're so pleased to be able to offer map-enthusiasts from out of town a place to hang their hats, and we hope to see you this season. Our rooms are available all year 'round and the each season offers many unique delights!

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New (Old) Maps!

Maps from Several Great Atlases are now Online!
We have recently added new maps from some fabulous atlases.  Above you can see a sample of maps from the Atlas of Rensselaer County, NY.

Windsor County Maps
These maps are from the Atlas of Windsor County, Vermont.

Atlas Supplementaire du Precis de la Geographie Universelle de M. Malte-Brun
These neat maps are from the Atlas Supplementaire du Precis de la Geographie Universelle de M. Malte-Brun from 1812.  Almost all of these maps have a decorative cartouche that relates to the map.  Best of all: they are all priced at $65 or less!

New Year's Reflections
A new year is upon us, so let us reflect on the past... through maps!  Here are some maps that were printed in '19 in past centuries:

Connecticut 1819

Map of Connecticut from the Gazetteer of Rhode Island and Connecticut published by W.S. Marsh in 1819.

The Spanish Netherlands Commonly called Flanders - 1719

Map of the Flanders area of Belgium, by Senex, 1719.

Sizes of the Sun and Planets with Medieval City View - 1719

Antique astronomical engraving showing at the top, a massive and brilliant sun with small planets likely to show a comparison of sizes between them all, by Mallet, 1719.

Carte Generale Des Treize Cantons Suisse et des Differents Etats De Leur Independence - 1719

Map of Switzerland from Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique, 1719.


Note the straightness of rivers and mountain ranges on our 16th century maps by Munster.
We're often asked about our oldest and favorite maps, and our answers always include this treasured collection by Sebastian Munster. The "Strabonis" maps among these were based (with few-- if any-- changes) upon maps originally made by Strabo and Ptolemy around the time of Christ, and they include these wonderfully inaccurate maps of France, Italy, GermanyAfrica, and the Middle East. If you look closely at the latter, you'll see an engraving of a curious mermaid, perhaps an early interpretation of the dugongs-- relatives of manatees-- that are found in the Red Sea.

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