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The Tenth Olympic Games, Los Angeles, California (July 30-August 14, '32)
Though we've yet to construct a proper time machine, we can offer clients a glimpse of bygone Augusts with such ephemeral treasures as: a city, Menin, which lies on the French/Belgian border, that was besieged and taken by the Duke of Marlborough's allied Army in August of 1706; A Plan of Cherbourg Forts & Batteries, taken by the English in August of 1759; a cheering crowd at the finish at the Harvard-Yale Regatta in August of 1873;  a fine hand-colored reproduction Bird's Eye View of Newport, Rhode Island from the Supplement to Harper's Weekly, August 30, 1873; The New Iron Pier at West Brighton Beach, Coney Island that was featured in Harper's Weekly on August 9th, 1879; Polo at the Rockaway Hunting Club, August 1895; the spectators at a New York Yacht Club regatta, also in August of 1895; some "well-bunched" cyclists on the cover of Harper's Weekly, August 1896; and finally the above folding map of the 1932 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, California, during the Great Depression.

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