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Summer Resorts around New York
"Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" The beloved sonnet begins thus and continues by flattering its subject in comparison to what many consider to be the best that nature offers. Oh Summer. A time for vacations, fun in the sun and surf, long lazy days with cool drinks, titillating beach reading, and outdoor activities of all kinds.  Summer may be approaching its end, but let us enjoy a few Summer themed items while it lasts! In the 1800s, a Garden Party was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.  If hiking is your pleasure, perhaps the Route of the Grand Alpes will be the denouement of your season. If you enjoy an activity-filled vacation, this map of New Hampshire is prepared to impress you. Or do you dream of a luxurious summer residence where you can simply relax? We are certainly biased, but we think a summer on Cape Cod is the best of all!

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