Monthly Archives: November 2017

“A must stop”

This is a must stop every year that I visit the Cape. If you enjoy history and maps obviously you’ll be interested but it’s just as useful as a place to find fantastic gifts for weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion. Gifting someone an antique or replica map of a special place in their life is unique and truly meaningful. They serve as great decorations and conversation pieces in your home. The staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Maps of Antiquity.

October 21, 2017  Reviewed by Matt R.

“Something for everyone”

A hidden treasure for history buffs, collectors and obviously fans of antique maps. Outstanding collection of originals with diverse selection of geographic areas and time frames. Their offerings really have something for everyone. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly without being the least bit imposing or pushy. Would recommend to anyone visiting the Cape.

October 21, 2017  Reviewed by Andrew F.

“What a unique shopping experience”

When you visit, you will find yourself in a very unique establishment. It’s fun to wander through and explore on your own or with assistance. The small-looking structure belies the really incredible selection of maps, many of them unique and one of a kind, within. You never feel under pressure to buy and you have unbiased advice from the staff. Prices are reasonable and you cannot leave without feeling better informed. The staff are all smart, respectful and helpful, making your visit all the more enjoyable. What an experience!
August 23, 2017  Reviewed by Stuart G.