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Hometown America

This month we celebrate hometown U.S.A.. featuring bird's eye view maps and city views of American towns.  Many of these town maps in the U.S., and around the world, show rivers, bays, harbors, islands, key buildings, topographic features and neighboring land.  Item – NYO187A.

The Perfect Gift

We went into Maps of Antiquity thinking we’d be able to pick out a souvenir map in a couple of minutes for our kids as a gift. However, the owners of the store spent 30 minutes with us picking out the perfect treasure and pirate maps that our kids will love for years to come. If you’re looking for the perfect way to remember your trip to Cape Cod (and don’t want the typical cheesy tourist souvenirs) visit Maps of Antiquity and you won’t be disappointed.

Early Fall, Early Pieces

Some of our earliest antique maps are in surprisingly great condition.  Maps were often bound or hinged into books or folios.  This map of Italy – EUR703 – was printed by Munster around 1542 using drawings of the known world around the time of Christ. 

United States of America

This famous Melish map of the United States is one of the few maps that does not carry the distinctive border of historical information.  The map shows Missouri and Illinois as states, but Michigan and Arkansas and the remainder of the west are not yet even territories.  Item#: USA085.

Celebrating History and Culture

Lavoisne Atlases were produced in the early 1800's and known for their colorful maps bordered on three sides by rich detail of current cultural, and military, socio economic, geographic and meteological information.  Published by Carey and Son, the engraved maps were hand-colored in the four distinctive colors of the time.  This world map is Item #: WOR087.

New Great Maps – Super Deals Section

Maps in this new "Great Maps – Super Deals" section include a selection of some of our valuable or unusual maps and prints that we want to offer at a special price for limited time, about one month.  We hope that you will visit this section regularly and that it will inspire you to buy a map that you may not normally buy.  This group of maps will change each month.  

We are often asked how we price our maps.  We use a number of resources which include data bases of map sales to which we subscribe, catalogs, internet research, and our own experience.  Factors which go into pricing include: the age and condition of the map, the maker, style, rarity, historical value, and market demand.  The goal of our "Great Maps – Super Deals" section is to price a few maps and prints at an even greater value, for a short time.  

Our special offers currently feature pictorial maps of the 1930's by Ernest Dudley Chase from Winchester, MA.  These collectable, well-illustrated maps include key cities in Europe with sketches of local castles, churches and famous public buildings.  Other "Great Maps – Super Deals", in the near future, will include some of our larger wall maps and huge nautical charts.  

10th Anniversary Surprise

My wife and I are both nautical fans. I grew up on Cape Cod and she grew up in Maine. The team at Maps of Antiquity were extremely helpful in finding charts for both regions. Not only was I able to buy the charts, but the team did a phenomenal job mounting and framing the work. Pieces of art! They were a hit with the wife!!


oh, and they can put the maps or charts on tables or make tiles as well! I think I found my next gift!!

New Product

This custom made coffee table with a laser imprint of Eldridge's famous "Chart C" can take you places!  Individually produced with your favorite map, these sturdy hardwood tables are varnished and ready to use and admire.  Item# TAB001

The perfect and unexpected gift!

My husband has an uncanny knack for guessing what his Christmas gifts are, so this year I was determined to find something he would never think of but still love. I stumbled across Maps of Antiquity online and found the perfect gift when I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for. I don’t know anything about maps so I was very excited when I found one of sailing routes and lighthouse locations around New Brunswick in 1906. Since my husband is from that area, loves sailing and lighthouses, this was a no brainer! There was no picture, but I sent an email to ask for one and that night the website was updated with one and an email was sent to me to let me know. I looked on other websites to compare product and prices and no one else had anything close to what I found here, and no one else had reasonable prices either. I got the map less than a week after I ordered it and it was very securely packaged and labeled fragile, so there was no chance of it being damaged during shipping. The sales people here were courteous and prompt and I would definitely do business with them again. The map is even more perfect than the pictures portrayed, and I’m so excited that I’m not sure I can wait for Christmas!

May 2013 Newsletter

Lookout! A Map Loving Shark!

Lookout! A Map Loving Shark!

Spring is here in Chatham and that means Sharks!  In the park!  Check out our aquatic addition to the park featuring maps and postcards of Chatham!

But Spring also means a Spring newsletter!  If you missed it, you can see it here:

May 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter will update you on all of the changes going on here at Maps of Antiquity (more maps on the website, many antique prints, and more).

We hope you will enjoy the newsletter and then stop by and say hello!

Clan Maps

Whether you are interested in Irish or Scottish family roots or simply enjoy colorful and historic maps, these two maps are rich in detail, showing locations of families.  Available as originals or high quality reproductions.  Ireland Original:  EUR954,  Reproduction: REP271BPEUR, Scotland Original: EUR953, Reproduction: REP270BPEUR

Large antique nautical chart of Long Island Sound, by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1855. With inset of Manhattan and New York Harbor. See NAU152.

Upcoming Events

April 6th, Saturday  – Lower Cape Home & Garden Expo, our first home show where we feature custom made products for decorating homes including maps printed on tile and custom reproductions.   10am – 4pm at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, 351 Pleasant Lake Avenue Harwich, MA  02645, Free Admission.  

April 9th, Tuesday – Co-owner, Bob Zaremba, will be presenting a talk on The Role of Cape Cod in American Nautical Chart Development," at the 4th Annual Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association Spring Seminar, open to the public.  8:30 – 3pm, Cultural Center, 289 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth, $25.00 includes lunch. This seminar includes a variety of speakers from the local antiques community.

Humboldt's Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America, According to Elevation Above the Level of Sea, compares plants and mountains using Humboldt's Life Zones, black & white, 1830. See COM001A.

Coast Chart Reproduction

High quality custom-made print, produced and framed by Maps of Antiquity.  One of our happy customers provided us with this image of our work.  We are always grateful to see the end result.  Our custom made reproductions usually involve a team of talented staff and associates, and are locally produced.  Enlarged size of REP067BP.

An Elegant Piece for Your Home

We were looking for an old map of Cape Cod and the Islands to hang above our fireplace and we found just what we were looking for at Maps of Antiquity. Everyone there was so helpful. They customized our map’s matting and framing and even offered to help us hang it. The finished product looks absolutely beautiful and we couldn’t be happier. If you would like to make a statement in your home with an elegant wall piece, look no further than Maps of Antiquity.

Antique Blue Back Nautical Chart by Imray, 1878, includes 11 inset maps of Cay West ( Key West ), Tortugas Cays, Havana, Cadenas, Nuevitas, Nassau, New Providence, Crooked Island and more, colored light house and channel markers. See CAR008.

Best Gift of Christmas

I had a wonderful experience looking through the various maps online. When I requested to see a few maps that did not have images, pictures were sent to me almost immediately. I selected one as a gift and once it arrived it certainly exceeded all expectations and was a huge hit on Christmas morning. Thank you!

For the map lovers

Love maps and maps of Antiquity is a favorite destination – they can customize sizes and on some maps customize color as well, they also offer framing and are quite adept of helping you select the perfect compliment to your map. They are knowledgeable, friendly and timely. A fun stop in a charming cape house!

Great Experience

I found Maps of Antiquity online after searching for an old, nice map for my boyfriend for Christmas. They were so pleasant and helpful in helping me find exactly what I wanted and my map arrived exactly in the shape noted and on time. I highly recommend going through this lovely small business for all of your map needs!