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Model # EUR2264
The Province of Connaugh with the Citie of Galwaye described by J. Speed - Maker: John Speed
Antique map of Connaught, Ireland by John Speed, 1610. This map shows towns and cities, topographical information, forests, bodies of water, and county boundaries delineated by color. Inset map shows the city of Galway. Decorative flourishes hold the title, scale, compass rose, and map information. This map features the wavy water and Spencerian script that are distinguishing features of Speed's maps. Very good condition. This map is framed and the total size with the frame is 24 x 29 inches. The map is approx. 15 x 20 inches to the border line. Priced as framed.
Price: $1,100.00 Date: 1610
1610John Speed$1,100.00

Model # EUR2262
Le cours du Rhin depuis Worms, jusqua Bonne, et les pays adjacens - Maker: De L'Isle
Antique hand colored map of part of Germany showing the Rhine or Rhein from Bonn to Worms, by De L'Isle, 1704. Includes the cities of Frankfurt, Giessen, Koblenz, and more. Good to very good antique condition with some light surface soiling and some edge tears that appear to have been archivally mended. Approx. 19.5 x 25.25 inches to the neat lines.
Price: $325.00 Date: 1704
1704De L'Isle$325.00

Model # EUR2263
Partie Meridionale de la Souabe - Maker: De L'Isle
Antique hand colored map of part of Germany showing Swabia, by De L'Isle, 1704. Includes Lake Constance (Bodensee) the cities of Ulm, Augsberg, and more. Good antique condition with some surface soiling and edge tears that appear to have been archivally mended. Approx. 19 x 25 inches to the neat lines.
Price: $225.00 Date: 1704
1704De L'Isle$225.00

Model # EUR2261
Carte Generale Des Treize Cantons Suisse et des Differents Etats De Leur Independence - Maker: Chatelain
Antique uncolored map of Switzerland from Chatelain's 7 volume Atlas Historique, 1719. With Cantons and other regions labeled. Includes 13 large coats of arms and 22 smaller coats of arms for the major cities. Text along the sides includes information about each Canton, historical information, and more. Visible plate mark. Very good condition with two vertical folds and one horizontal fold, as issued. Some spotting. Approx. 17.75 x 19.5 inches to the neat line, and 18.75 x 24.25 inches to the edges of the plate mark.
Price: $250.00 Date: 1719

Model # NEW052
Carta Della Nuova-Inghilterra, Nuova Iork, e Pensilvania - Maker: Bellin
Antique black and white engraved map of New England, includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine to Penobscot, as well as New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. From the Gazzettiere Americano, 1763, based on Bellin, circa 1757. Details of water bodies and landforms accentuated in unusual geography. With folds, as issued. Visible plate mark. Measures approximately 7.75" x 11.5" to the neatline. Very good overall antique condition with very mild toning throughout, as well as some creasing and roughing of the outer edges.
Price: $325.00 Date: 1763

Model # CAR057
Chart of the West Indies with the adjacent Coast of South America shewing the Tracks of Don Christopher Columbus - Maker: Washington Irving
Antique uncolored map of the Caribbean , 1828. From A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus by Washington Irving. Famously, this book is the very embellished "history" of Columbus in which the "flat earth" story was first published. This map represents the Caribbean well, with the Bahamas to the Antilles including the Virgin Islands and the coast of South America, part of Central America, and the tip of Florida. Very good condition with original folds, some light spotting/foxing throughout, and tight margins. Approx. 17.25 x 24 inches to the neat lines.
Price: $295.00 Date: 1828
1828Washington Irving$295.00

Model # COM040
Tableau Comparatif de la Hauteur des Montagnes de la longueur du Cours des Fleuves et de l'Elevation des Principals Chutes d'Eau Dans Les Cinq Parties du Monde - Maker: Monin
"Comparative Table of the Height of the Mountains, the length of Rivers, and the Elevation of the Principal Waterfalls in the Five Parts of the World." Antique black and white comparative map, published by Monin in his "Atlas Classique De La Geographie Ancienne," 1839. Includes reference tables and information at the sides and bottom of the map, written in French. Highly detailed, including information regarding the sources and courses of rivers, topographical and geological information, the elevations of some cities, etc. With folds, as issued. Visible plate mark. Very good overall antique condition with mild toning and foxing. Measures approximately 17.5" x 23.5".
Price: $275.00 Date: 1839

Model # EUR1758
Cadiz - Vista de Cadiz - Maker: Perrot
Antique, beautifully colored view of Cadiz, Spain, by Perrot, 1850. Published by Turgis. Cadiz is an ancient port city in southwest Spain, on a strip of land surrounded by the sea. A 16th-century base for exploration and trade, it has more than 100 watchtowers, including iconic Torre Tavira, traditionally used for spotting ships. Cadiz is also the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain and one of the oldest in Western Europe. This antique print shows a view from San Sebastian with the many towers of the city as will as many ships and a calm blue sky above. Very good antique condition, currently framed in an old frame that has some damage, will be sold unframed unless customer requests frame (no additional cost for frame, but shipping will cost more). Approx. 16.25 x 24.5 to edge of colored image, approx. 25.5 x 31.25 framed. Please forgive the slight glare and my reflection in the glass in the photos.
Price: $875.00 Date: 1850

Model # ASI368
Wyld's Map of India, Constructed with great care and research from all the latest authorities and intended more particularly to facilitate a reference to the Civil and Military Stations. - Maker: Wyld
Antique hand colored map of India by Wyld, 1857. This is a folding map and it consists of 24 sheets mounted on linen with a hard board cover. Very good condition, with bright original color and some spotting. Approx. 32.25 x 26.5 inches overall
Price: $350.00 Date: 1857

Model # NAU288
Chart of the Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Shoals, Surveyed by George Eldridge, Hydrographer. - Maker: George Eldridge
Antique uncolored large black and white antique nautical chart of Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Shoals, by George Eldridge, published by Thaxter & Son in 1859. Includes soundings, tides, compass variations, light houses. Shows the south coast of Cape Cod, MA, from Woods Hole east to Monomoy in Chatham and including the Elizabeth Islands, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Very good condition, restored - cleaned, deacidified, backed with linen, bordered with fabric tape. The chart shows light staining consistent with regular use aboard a vessel and some repaired cracks that make it look antique without affecting the ability to read or enjoy the chart. Measures approx. 40 x 62 inches to the neatline.
Price: $4,000.00 Date: 1859
1859George Eldridge$4,000.00

Model # USA287
Geological Map of the United States - Maker: Hitchcock
Antique printed color map of the United States of America by Charles H. Hitchcock, published in 1886. Julius Bien Lithographer. The key lists various periods, including cretaceous period, Jurassic period, and volcanic. This map comes with text from the conference proceedings that was signed by Prof. Hitchcock. Very good condition, fragile, with folds as issued. Approx. 17.5 x 28 inches to the neat line.
Price: $350.00 Date: 1886

Model # MAS1826
A Map of the Town of Chatham, Mass. - Maker: Eldridge
Antique uncolored 1890 folding map of Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by George Eldridge. This unusual map was developed by the Hotel Chatham to give to their guests. Key landmarks, streets, the Chatham Railroad, and businesses of the time are indicated. The Chatham Hotel was Chatham's first luxury hotel, developed a little before its time. In an age before cars, it was necessary to take a 3 mile wagon ride from the nearest train station to reach the property. One story is that even before reaching the hotel, many visitors declared that they would never suffer the bumpy wagon ride over sandy roads again. The severe economic recession of 1893 lead to the failure of the elegant hotel after only about 3 years. Fortunately for Chatham and its fine lodging, transportation has changed a lot since then. In very good overall restored antique condition. It has been de-acidified, cleaned, and backed with light-weight tissue. It comes with a booklet (not attached to the map). Measures approx. 28.25 x 26.25 inches to the neat line.
Price: $1,800.00 Date: 1890

Model # ASI369
Atlas de Filipinas, Atlas of the Philippine Islands - Maker: Rev. Jose Algue/ USC&GS
Antique printed color atlas of the Philippines published in 1900. The maps in the atlas were drafted by Philippine draftsmen under the direction of Rev. Jose Algue, S. J., director of the Manila Jesuit Observatory, and the atlas was published by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey. The story of how that came about is printed in the beginning of the atlas, after the two title pages- one in Spanish and one in English. The text on the maps is in Spanish. All maps appear to be single sheet with nothing printed on the verso. The maps are in very good condition. The atlas cover is worn at the edges but solid. Some of the pages are cracking near the binding (see the last photo). Ex Libris. The atlas size is approx. 15 x 13.25 inches.
Price: $350.00 Date: 1900
1900Rev. Jose Algue/ USC&GS$350.00

Model # CAR049
West India Islands - Maker: W & AK Johnston
Antique printed color map of the Caribbean. This is a schoolroom map, published by w & WK Johnston, circa 1910. A folding map, consisting of 12 nearly square sheets, it is backed on linen with thin leather covers. Overall good condition with some discoloration along the folds, slight image loss at upper left corner, and grommets for hanging, as issued. Ex Libris. Approx. 41.5 x 48 inches total.
Price: $325.00 Date: c. 1910
c. 1910W & AK Johnston$325.00

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Model # MAT169
Bird's Eye View of the Seat of War arranged after the latest surveys, showing views of Washington… *****SOLD***** - Maker: Prang
Antique, printed color bird's eye view map of the area near Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River with Washington DC near the center. Also shows Baltimore, Harpers Ferry, Richmond, Manassas Junction, Fort Monroe, Norfolk Harbor, the rail road connections and the general surface of the country in Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia. Also Petersburgh. Shows the seat of war of the Civil War. Published and Litho'd by Prang, 1861. Good antique condition with a moderate water stain at top. Currently framed, but will be sold unframe. Priced as-is. Please forgive the slight glare on the glass in the photos.
Price: Date: 1861

Model # MAS1763
Boston - Plan of Fort Hill - Showing Improvements as Proposed by the Committee Laying out and Widening Streets *****SOLD***** - Maker: Meisel
Antique, hand colored city planning map showing part of downtown Boston, near the modern day Aquarium, Harbor Towers, Norman B. Leventhal Park, and Boston Harbor Sailing Club. This map shows the initial land ownership and new street layout including High Street, Purchase Street, Belmont Street, and Oliver Street. Published in 1866, it shows the landowners at that time and the elevations and street layouts with new street layouts and elevation drop superimposed over the old. The changes show on this map are now nearly gone and barely recognizable. This map shows the cutting down of Fort Hill by up to 50 feet. New roads are highlighted in a light orange-tan color. Very good antique condition. Approx. 29 x 39 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**
Price: Date: 1866

Model # NAU266
General Chart of the Coast No. X Straits of Florida *****SOLD***** - Maker: US Coast Survey
Antique, uncolored report map of Southern Florida by the US Coast Survey, from the annual report book of 1868. This map has great detail of the Florida Keys, Key Biscayne Bay, the western portion of Great Bahama Banks, and northern coast of Cuba. Has been professionally cleaned, flattened, and rebacked with light-weight tissue. Very good condition with some toning along the original fold lines. Approx. 31 x 40.5 inches to neatline. **SOLD**
Price: Date: 1868
1868US Coast Survey

Model # NYO007
Map of Long Island *****SOLD***** - Maker: Beers, Comstock & Cline
Antique, hand colored map of Long Island from the Atlas of Long Island, NY by Beers, Comstock, & Cline, 1873. This map was in the atlas as a folded map. This map shows each town delineated by color, as well as the counties delineated by thick pink lines. In 1873 Nassau County did not yet exist-- it was founded in 1899-- so this map only has Kings County, Queens County, and Suffolk County. Other features of interest include New York City, Gardiners Island, and Fishers Island. The lines that criss-cross the map show longitude and latitude, and also the radial distance from the City Hall of New York City. This map is highly collectible. Very good restored condition. Fold lines are apparent. Some light minor staining. Map has been cleaned, de-acidified, and backed on tissue for stability. Some minor paper loss at edges but would not be noticeable when framed. Approx. 13.5 x 51.5 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**
Price: Date: 1873
1873Beers, Comstock & Cline

Model # NAU265
Hawaiian Islands *****SOLD***** - Maker: USC&GS
Antique, uncolored nautical chart of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Islands with inset of "Pearl River and Loons" and Honolulu Harbor. By the US Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1899. This chart shows saltworks, Quarantine Island, and "Queen Emma's large yellow house." Very good antique condition, appears to have been professionally cleaned and rebacked with light-weight tissue. Approx. 26.5 x 41 inches to the neatline. **SOLD**
Price: Date: 1899

Model # OTH202
Pine Chart Case ***SOLD*** - Maker:
Antique cylindrical "chart case" with narrow fluted sides and turned pine ends. Snipe hinges. On block board legs. No handle or opening mechanism, but it is not difficult to open with one's fingers. Hinges work very smoothly. Probably late 19th century. Very good overall antique condition. 29 inches long and 8 inches in diameter. **SOLD**
Price: Date: Late 19th century
Late 19th century

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