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Model # FRA001
Framing Prices - Maker:
Do you ever wonder how a framer comes up with a price? Well, it’s actually a complicated formula that is based on the price of the material, width of the frame, linear foot of the frame, quality and price of the glass, mat, and backing material, complexity of the project, and any additional materials used. We try to keep the process simple and provide you with the best guidance to make sure you receive the product that you want and will enjoy for many years.
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Model # FRA002
Conservation Framing - Maker:
At Maps of Antiquity, we only use conservation and archival framing material to maximize the protection of your piece. What we mean by conservation framing includes the use of acid-free mats, foam core, and hinging material and UV protective glass or Plexiglas. There are a variety of choices of glass and Plexiglas based on level of protection, overall look, practicality, and cost.
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Model # FRA003
Glass & Plexiglas options: - Maker:
**UV Protection Conservation Clear, protects pieces from fading, **UV Protection Conservation Non Glare, additional anti reflection coating, **UV Protection Museum Glass, amazing clarity, **UV Protection Conservation Clear Plexiglas, protects pieces from fading, **UV Protection Conservation Non Glare Plexiglas, additional anti reflection coasting, **UV Protection Museum Glass Plexiglas, amazing clarity
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Model # FRA004
Glass vs. Plexiglas - Maker:
Both provide 99% UV protection. Plexiglas is lighter and generally better for large pieces. Plexiglas is safer and costs less for shipping than glass. Glass, however, is generally less expensive than Plexiglas.
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Model # FRA005
Frame Styles - Maker:
You have hundreds of frame options. They generally come in less expensive, mid range and more expensive styles. In order to narrow down your choices, think about the look you are trying to create and the cost since frame prices can vary substantially. Maps of Antiquity uses wooden frames for custom framing. We can also provide metal frames. Some popular styles include a range of: **Simple black frames – most popular, generally modestly priced, variety of styles, generally go with everything, **Burl wood (brown wood with knots and grain of the wood showing) provides a classic look. These come in light and dark shades and in a range of width and shapes. **Gold, silver or copper painted frames are usually more formal. **Colors such as navy blue, mottled green, red and gold create a more contemporary look. **Gray driftwood, white-washed wood are used for a cottage or seaside appearance.
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Model # FRA006
Mat Styles - Maker:
Our most popular mat is a black core conservation mat available in many colors including a range of off-whites. This mat is black with a thin surface of color. When the mat is beveled (cut at a slant), the black inner core shows creating a black line that defines an additional border around the map or print. Other types of conservation mats that we use include solid core mats (same color all the way through), cotton rag mats and museum quality mats.
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Model # FRA007
Framing Checklist - Maker:
Our goal is to guide you through the process of framing and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you to decide what you want. To help you make decisions, here are a few questions to consider: **What is the décor/look you are trying to achieve? Classic, Casual, Masculine, Feminine, Formal, Colorful, Artsy, Unique. **What colors in your subject interest you or should we avoid? **How large do you want the outer dimension of your piece to be? ** How thick/wide a frame and mat (if you use one) would you like? **What type of glass would you would like to use? **What type of mat would you would like to use - regular with white showing through, black core, solid core? **Is there additional work that we need to consider including: double/triple mats, extra thick/8 ply mats, inset inscriptions, fillets (a small piece of molding which fits inside a larger frame or, typically, underneath or in between matting, used for decorative purposes), spacers, cutouts, etc.? We are happy to make suggestions and provide you with options. We look forward to hearing from you.
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