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Maps of Antiquity will provide an estimated value of a map based on current market conditions. This is a quick email quote or discussion and cannot be used for insurance purposes, because we have not studied your actual piece closely. We can also include feedback on how to sell or restore your piece, as needed, or we may provide you with an offer to purchase your map. Since this is not a formal appraisal, we will waive the Informal Assessment fee, if we purchase your map. This value can be provided verbally or in a brief email. We will only authenticate and assess the value of a specific piece with a full appraisal. *****The best way to order an assessment is over the phone. Our website cannot charge for appraisals or assessments and you will need to call with your credit card information in order to process your order*****
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Maker: Dr. Robert Zaremba, Antique Map Scholar

Maps of Antiquity is located on Cape Cod
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