A correct Chart of the Baltick or East Sea from the Sound to Petersburg From the latest and best Observations for Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's History.*****SOLD***** - 1744 
Sold Europe Russia
Black and white engraved antique Nautical Chart of the Baltic Sea, by R.W. Seale for Nicolas Tindal's "The History of England", vol. III, 1744, done in the "portalano" style, emphasizing coastal features. With triangulation, and showing the coasts of Sweden, Part of Russia, Livonia, and part of Poland and Prussia, with many details of coastal features and ports, etc.; includes inset of The Harbour of Petersburg. Very good overall antique condition, 15 x 18.75 inches.*****SOLD*****
Black and White Engraved Antique Nautical Chart
Maker: R.W. Seale

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